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Climate change

SIR,- Just who do they think they’re kidding? The Department of Climate Change is still rabbiting on about climate change and repeating all the warnings of a decade ago. – Herald Sun, June 14, 2011.
Following four consecutive bumper ski seasons they are still warning that ’Global warming could slash the ski season by up to 96 percent, under an extreme scenario of rising carbon emissions with increased warming and decreased rainfall’.
My, that would be scary if it was true.
It is reasonable to accept that CO2 emissions have constantly risen, year on year, since electricity was first generated using combustion in some way, yet temperatures have risen and fallen cyclically in that time.
In the early ’20s they were rising and all the familiar panic was there about polar bears losing their habitat and so on. – Washington Post, November 2, 1922. In the early ’70s the world was cooling so much so that a prediction of an ice age was made by Kenneth Watt in ‘Earth Day’ 1970. There are other quotations from the time in my possession.
Circe 1975 there was a turnaround causing a great panic about a hole in the ozone layer and a frizzle and fry scenario. Global warming was going to continue forever and a day. However, warming ceased about the turn of the century and since 2006 cooling has reigned.
In the weather reports during the last five years record low temperatures have outnumbered record highs by a multiple figure. Simultaneously about the year 2000 the term ‘global warming’ disappeared, being superseded by ‘climate change’. Coincidence? I do not believe so.
Ron Fischer,

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Posted on Jun 29 2011

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