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In a world where anxiety, conflict, fear and recrimination seem to dominate day-to-day life, it’s important to note the great unsung moments of humanity.
While these moments can dramatically occur in a split second of heroic rescue or bravery, they can also emerge subtly in peculiar circumstance and isolation.
One of these happened shortly after a relatively minor car crash at a Horsham intersection a couple of weeks ago.
Amid the immediate excitement and anxious moments of assessing injuries and damage and the trading of details, it would have been easy to forget the moment. But after all the speculation, explanations and follow-up paperwork, it is the one image profoundly burnt into the memory about the incident.
The car and delivery van had hit with a crunching ‘bang’ which drew curious workers from nearby businesses onto the footpath to see what had happened. It had also occurred in front of a house.
As all involved, perhaps slightly shaken from the experience, spent the next 20 minutes busily soaking up details of what and how it all unravelled, a woman obviously concerned about what had happened, edged from the house.
With an obvious understanding for a need to ease the tension she asked: “Are you okay? Would anyone like a cup of tea?”
The offer might have been insignificant in the scheme of things but it was spontaneous, from the heart and, importantly, left a mark.
It’s hard to place a value on random acts of kindness. They have a wonderful ability to bust open the perception that society has become consumed in a world of ugly voyeurism. In doing so, they also help restore faith in people.

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Posted on Jul 27 2011

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