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Adapting to a new digital world

Human ingenuity combined with our innate need to seize opportunity guarantees that we will always confront an ever-changing world.
It seems that every era, particularly since the Industrial Revolution, produces incredible breakthroughs that open new horizons.
Perhaps the most critical moments have occurred when mainstream society has adopted applications of new technology for day-to-day use.
We can’t help but be impressed by all things shiny and new, especially if it makes our lives easier, more flexible and enjoyable.
The digital revolution has been happening like a creeping barrage for quite a while and it was only a matter of time before it started to rock long-established institutions.
Its relentless savaging of large metropolitan-based media organisations came to a head in the last few weeks but in truth massive change is occurring across an endless list of industries.
The arrival of the National Broadband Network will accelerate it even further.
In a nutshell, it’s been about having access to an evolving multi-purpose tool that on the surface at least seems to make many other much-loved and used tools obsolete.
The use of digital communication has and is becoming more a part of life. Expect it to get even further entrenched.
The simple exercise of going shopping has already expanded to mean something new.
In many circumstances, shoppers no longer have to physically go into a shop for a product.
Through the internet they can get on the computer or mobile phone to search, find and buy a product and then have it arrive at the front door.
This has led to an increase in internet warehouse-style businesses that have no need for shop fronts.

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Posted on Jun 27 2012

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