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SIR,- How many DIY projects does one see in magazines or TV home shows that suggest using off-cuts or recycled materials?
There is nowhere this side of Bendigo that you can buy such and the one place that you maybe could in the past is now out of bounds; the tip.
Our local councils would rather see it burnt or go straight to landfill than to give anyone the chance to buy a bit of used timber; how mean can you get?  I suggest that if someone else can make use of something they should be allowed the opportunity.
For instance if someone wants to replace all their old pine skirting boards with modern materials, that is fine but why stop the next person who may not have the same resources from taking the same home, de-nailing, sanding, painting and re-using? I have even bought paint at a tip.
Everyday there is someone who finds they no longer want something but are loathe to throw it away because someone else might be able to make use of it; just as there are those who might be open to the challenge a restoration project; ask the man who gave me those now lovely wooden book shelves that were cluttering up his shed; he paid to take it in and I paid to take it out where is the harm in that?
Other places have successful re-cycling or firewood heaps and the obstacles cited to do the same here seem lacking in real substance.
Nobody wants to be hurt obtaining such bits and pieces but there is a person at the gate who could easily ask everyone to sign a disclaimer with safety precautions outlined.
Reversing too far and ending up in the skip is more worrying to me than picking up something that I could hurt myself with.
I don’t want to save the world; I just want the opportunity to do my brand of recycling with my home-made, weird and wonderful projects.
Who makes these decisions? Certainly not environmentalists!
Catherine Selwood,

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Posted on Jun 27 2012

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