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Kids having a ball

Back in the mid 1970s a large group of young boys gathered in force during a lunch break and marched noisily through one of wings of the former Horsham West Primary School.
Perhaps inspired by the political turmoil they were seeing on television at the time, the group, most of whom would have been about 10 or 11, strode confidently and defiantly past the classrooms as one.
A loud and repeated chant of ‘we protest!’ signalled their approach, catching teachers by surprise.
As one of those children in that spontaneous rally, memories are of the moment being exciting and serious. It must also have been incredibly funny for teachers or other adults who saw it unfold.
The march came to an end when school principal Fred Rogers appeared and with a stern look started gesturing the throng into his office.
As the wide-eyed youngsters squeezed in, their faces revealing a sudden realisation they might be in a bit of strife, Mr Rogers calmly explained the situation.
In words something like this he said: “Now boys, I know a tennis ball is not the same as a cricket ball and I’m sorry. But when you are playing on the oval you can’t use a cricket ball. It is too dangerous.”
Having the steam taken out of its boiler the group dispersed with a ‘now go off and play’ from Mr Rogers and memories are sketchy of what happened next.
What we do know is that we continued to play with balls in every conceivable game or activity from footy and basketball to bat tennis and four-square and occasionally would sneak a cricket ball back into those intense ‘Test Matches’. If we didn’t have a ball we would create or find something else to throw and catch.

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