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Finals highlight great value of sports clubs

It is hard to measure the value of football and netball to country Victorian communities.
While sport in general maintains a lofty seat at the top of community activity, these two sports in particular represent something quite special.
This tribal sense of belonging is never more evident than at grand finals where everyone with any sort of vague connection to clubs or players emerges from the woodwork.
The amount of volunteer work that people pour into their clubs is astonishing. For some, the ‘club’ is so much part of them that the work never stops. It is a 12-month-of-the-year assignment that has countless twists and turns mixed with all the emotions that go with various degrees of celebration and disappointment.
These volunteers measure success in so many different ways. For some, it’s being able to salute in triumph as their team holds a premiership club aloft.
For others success is about providing a chance for a youngster to have a ‘win’ of some sort, to generate a team environment, get together with friends or to simply be involved in something where there is a common direction and goal.
Country footy and netball must surely rate as one of the great regional bridges between socio-economic, cultural and political divides.
In most cases it doesn’t matter what side of the tracks you come from, what your cultural or political background are, if you can’t afford shoes or if you share a table during the working week with high-flying executives.

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Posted on Sep 26 2012

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