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Ruth’s beautiful world of sound

LOVELY SOUND: One of Ruth McIntyre-Wooster’s favourite ‘new’ sounds is the ‘jingle-jangle’ of her bangles and bracelets. Ruth has received a cochlear or ‘bionic’ ear implant. Pictures: DEAN LAWSON

Ruth McIntyre-Wooster of Horsham describes a new world of sound as ‘beautiful’.
But the long-term hair-dresser and regional personality, profoundly deaf since early childhood is taking ‘each step at a time’ as she comes to grips with a cochlear implant.
Undergoing a transitional period with specialists ‘tuning up’ her bionic ear ‘like a piano’, Ruth revealed that her brain was slowly starting to learn to deal with a new sense.
“It’s a bit frustrating at the moment. Everyone is asking me if or assuming I can hear and while I can to some degree, my body is still adjusting,” she said.
“After every visit to the specialist I can pick up different sounds. Last week I could suddenly hear the ‘ch’ sound in speech which cuts through my head and makes me jump.”
Ruth underwent implant surgery in Melbourne’s Eye and Ear Hospital last month amid considerable fear of the unknown and how she would deal with a new world.
She said the concept was still frightening and now a major issue was dealing with the exhaustion that came with concentrating on picking up the sounds around her.
“I’ve been patient all my life but now I’m hearing things it’s blowing me out of the water.  I’ve never been so tired. I have a lot to learn,” she said.

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Posted on Dec 19 2012

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