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Consider what’s good for children

SIR, – Why is your child playing for their chosen football club? Is it because they get to play at least 3 quarters of footy each week and get the opportunity to continue to develop their skills each year.

If they don’t get at least three quarters each week is it because either they or their parents want to be part of a winning club even if it means their child might miss playing many weeks because there are so many other players who also want to play at the same club.

Do they enjoy winning by 20 to 30 goals each week because the opposing club can barely put a side on the ground and most of those players are half their size.

Country football is a big part of our lifestyle and the only way it will continue to flourish is by having a strong competition where all clubs have strong junior program to best develop our children’s sporting ability, and that comes from having teams that push each other each week to bring out the best they are capable of.

It would appear team numbers will not be evened up by mandated rules, and as many families have strong family ties to clubs this could prove difficult to introduce. We must however look at what is best for both our children as individuals and for country football in general and if our child is not getting a game every week we need to make sure this is for their own good and not just so they can be part of a successful team at the expense of their development.

We all want to be part of a winning club and get a trophy or flag to go in the cabinet and that will never change but let us all strive to build a stronger and more competitive country football competition by considering what is really best for our children.

The answer to that is making sure they play sport every week possible in a team that has room for them to play every week.

Our failure to address this issue will see a continuance of lopsided competitions with uneven team numbers and could spell disaster for our local football leagues.

Lachlan Hall,

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Posted on Aug 28 2013

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