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Still a big ‘no’ to nuclear energy?


Nuclear power generation! It is apparently the ultimate in cost-effective and ‘clean’ renewable energy. So why are we bothering arguing about whether we should be using the sun, wind, tides and so on to replace burning coal for our electricity?

It is because, regardless of the safety guarantees of some great scientific minds and the considerable economic potential it presents, many of us remain unconvinced that the risks of pursuing this development outweigh any benefits.

The nuclear alternative is hovering in the background of a national renewable-power debate and has the potential to gain momentum if we fail to seize the opportunities that the sun and wind particular have to offer.

Nuclear energy must surely be the ultimate example of human ingenuity in harnessing the power of nature. It is an amazing application of science that with its ability to create good, tempered by its potential to cause great harm, has polarised debate for decades.

There are two types of nuclear energy. There is fission, of which we are most familiar, that basically involves releasing energy by splitting an atom.




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Posted on Jun 24 2015

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