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Tips for parents giving motorcycles as gifts

Merv Williams has been a motorcycle coach for about 35 years. A level-two Motocross and Supercross coach, he is also a Motorcycling Australia Motorsafe presenter, teaching motorcycle safety in the classroom. He has been on Motorcycling Victoria’s coaches board since its inception, driving child-safety and other programs. He and his wife Kim and son Jacob are part of family coaching business Williams Full Tilt Racing. Merv will write a regular column for The Weekly Advertiser to promote motorcycle safety.

SAFETY FIRST: Jacob Williams, Merv’s son, shows the correct way to wear a helmet and goggles.

SAFETY FIRST: Jacob Williams, Merv’s son, shows the correct way to wear a helmet and goggles.

Christmas will see a lot of children with a new mini bike or four-wheeler and our job as parents is safety.
To presume ‘they’ll be right’ because we just got on and rode when we were kids with no helmet, no boots and were okay is a load of rubbish. We were lucky, not safe.
My number-one rule is ‘have fun, be safe’.
The most important part of safety gear is the helmet. The first thing I tell any child is ‘if you don’t have a helmet on, don’t ride it, push it!’
Your head never heals, brain damage is forever.
Firstly, your helmet needs to fit properly and become the outer shell of your head, so a snug fit is important. It needs to be firm but not tight. It should push your cheeks in a little and not move around on your head. The strap should be snug under your chin, not loose like a skipping rope.
Don’t buy a helmet online. You risk the helmet not fitting properly or not complying with Australian safety standards.
Goggles, long pants, boots and a long-sleeve shirt and gloves are important protection.
Make sure the goggles fit in the helmet and your child has good vision. Children can wear work boots until you can afford entry-level moto boots, wear jeans, not tracksuit pants, and any long-sleeve shirt or wind-cheater will be fine.
Entry-level gloves and goggles cost about $30 each.

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Posted on Dec 23 2015

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