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Wimmera water-storage levels continue to rise

WONDERLAND: Grampians waterfalls have benefited from substantial rain. Kaycee Bould enjoys the spectacle at Mackenzie Falls. Picture: JESS KELLER

WONDERLAND: Grampians waterfalls have benefited from substantial rain. Kaycee Bould enjoys the spectacle at Mackenzie Falls. Picture: JESS KELLER

Water continues to pour into Wimmera storages with the system close to 40 percent full.
Almost 20-million litres of water lifted Wimmera storages in the week leading up to August 24, in the largest weekly inflow in the system since the 2011 floods.
Water was continuing to flow into reservoirs this week and GWMWater officials were set to update figures again today.
The system’s largest reservoir, Rocklands, which has a capacity of 296,000 megalitres and represents a third of overall storage, has experienced the largest rise.
In a response to rain in the catchment, the giant reservoir at Balmoral climbed by 8110 megalitres in a week and is holding a quarter of its capacity.
While a rising level in Rocklands represents a significant consolidation in regional water security, it also hints at a growing opportunity for future diversion of water into Toolondo Reservoir, south of Horsham. Toolondo, which has risen to nine percent full from its relatively small Mt Talbot feeder catchment, only receives water from Rocklands if Rocklands reaches a trigger-release level.
GWMWater water resources manager Andrew Rose said if Rocklands reached 116,000 megalitres, or 33 percent, officials could then consider a transfer to Toolondo.
“The circumstances are just showing how wet the catchment is and every bit of rain we get now is contributing to flows,” he said.
Horsham’s water-supply reservoir, Lake Wartook in the Grampians, is all but full, and Wimmera-Mallee Pipeline transfer lake Taylors is likely to be full by the end of this week.
A full Lake Wartook and Taylors Lake means any excess water from the highly efficient Wartook system would be diverted into Mackenzie River, which promises to add significant momentum to the Grampians’ waterfalls.
Key pipeline storage Lake Bellfield at Halls Gap is three-quarters full, Lake Fyans near Stawell is sitting at 79 percent and nearby Lake Lonsdale, which needs extremely wet conditions to fill, has risen to 14 percent.
Green Lake, outside the region’s storage system but an important recreation lake for Horsham, is gradually regaining lost ground, sitting at 10 percent and is in the spotlight for a possible water allocation in the coming weeks.
Reservoir levels at August 24: Ararat storages at Mt Cole, Langi Ghiran and Olivers Gully 1050 megalitres, 88 percent full; Lake Bellfield 53,870, 69; Lake Fyans 12,650, 69; Lake Lonsdale 7570, 14; Moora Moora Reservoir 4120, 65; Rocklands Reservoir 72,600, 25; Stawell storages of Dalton, Centenary and Morey reserves 480, 96; Taylors Lake 22,100, 82; Lake Toolondo 4170, 9; Lake Wartook 27,800, 95; Green Lake 510, 10*; total 206,410, 37.06; 37.06. *Green Lake volume is not included in total supply percentage.

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