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2017 Horsham District Football Netball League draw released

DEFENDING CHAMPIONS: Reigning Horsham District Football Netball League premiers Southern Mallee Giants will face off against Jeparit-Rainbow in round one of the 2017 competition. Picture: WILLAMY IMAGES

DEFENDING CHAMPIONS: Reigning Horsham District Football Netball League premiers Southern Mallee Giants will face off against Jeparit-Rainbow in round one of the 2017 competition. Picture: WILLAMY IMAGES

Horsham District Football Netball League’s 2017 season will start on April 8, a week before a full bye during Easter.

League officials have released a competition draw, which will again feature a top-six finals series.

Reigning premiers Southern Mallee Giants will play Jeparit-Rainbow and runner-up Harrow-Balmoral will tackle Kalkee in the opening round.

A league representative team will play in AFL Victoria country championships on May 13, there will be a full-round bye on the long weekend in June and a second full-round bye in July school holidays.

Grand finals will be on September 16.

The draw follows on from 2016 as part of the league’s three-year plan.

Grounds for teams with dual venues are recommendations and are subject to change with board approval.




Round 1, April 8
Jeparit-Rainbow v Southern Mallee Giants (R)
Natimuk United v Rupanyup
Laharum v Pimpinio
Edenhope-Apsley v Noradjuha-Quantong (E)
Taylors Lake v Swifts
Harrow-Balmoral v Kalkee (H)

Easter, April 15
Round 2, April 22
Natimuk United v Jeparit-Rainbow
Swifts v Laharum
Kalkee v Edenhope-Apsley
Pimpinio v Harrow-Balmoral
Rupanyup v Taylors Lake
Southern Mallee Giants v Noradjuha-Quantong (B)
Round 3, April 29
Edenhope-Apsley v Jeparit-Rainbow (A)
Laharum v Natimuk United
Pimpinio  v Swifts
Rupanyup v Kalkee
Southern Mallee Giants v Harrow-Balmoral (H)
Noradjuha-Quantong v Taylors Lake
Round 4, May 6
Jeparit-Rainbow v Laharum (J)
Noradjuha-Quantong v Natimuk United
Swifts v Edenhope-Apsley
Kalkee v Pimpinio
Harrow-Balmoral v Rupanyup (B)
Taylors Lake v Southern Mallee Giants
Interleague, May 13
Round 5, May 20
Jeparit-Rainbow v Pimpinio (R)
Natimuk United v Edenhope-Apsley
Laharum v Noradjuha-Quantong
Swifts v Rupanyup
Kalkee v Southern Mallee Giants
Harrow-Balmoral v Taylors Lake (H)
Round 6, May 27
Rupanyup v Jeparit-Rainbow
Pimpinio v Natimuk United
Edenhope-Apsley v Laharum (E)
Southern Mallee Giants v Swifts (B)
Taylors Lake v Kalkee
Noradjuha-Quantong v Harrow-Balmoral
Round 7, June 3
Swifts v Jeparit-Rainbow (J)
Kalkee v Natimuk United
Harrow-Balmoral v Laharum
Taylors Lake v Edenhope-Apsley
Southern Mallee Giants v Pimpinio (B)
Noradjuha-Quantong v Rupanyup
Full bye, June 10
Round 8, June 17  

Jeparit-Rainbow v Noradjuha-Quantong (J)
Natimuk United v Swifts
Laharum v Kalkee
Harrow-Balmoral v Edenhope-Apsley (B)
Pimpinio v Taylors Lake
Rupanyup v Southern Mallee Giants

Round 9, June 24
Jeparit-Rainbow v Taylors Lake (R)
Natimuk United v Southern Mallee Giants
Laharum v Rupanyup
Edenhope-Apsley v Pimpinio (A)
Swifts v Harrow-Balmoral
Kalkee v Noradjuha-Quantong

Round 10, July 1
Kalkee v Jeparit-Rainbow
Harrow-Balmoral v Natimuk United (H)
Taylors Lake v Laharum
Southern Mallee Giants v Edenhope-Apsley (B)
Rupanyup v Pimpinio
Noradjuha-Quantong v Swifts
Round 11, July 8
Jeparit-Rainbow v Harrow-Balmoral (J)
Natimuk United v Taylors Lake
Laharum v Southern Mallee Giants
Edenhope-Apsley v Rupanyup (E)
Pimpinio v Noradjuha-Quantong
Swiftsv  Kalkee

Full bye, July 15

Round 12, July 22
Southern Mallee Giants v Jeparit-Rainbow (H)
Rupanyup v Natimuk United
Pimpinio v Laharum
Noradjuha-Quantong v Edenhope Apsley
Swifts v Taylors Lake
Kalkee v Harrow-Balmoral
Round 13, July 29
Jeparit-Rainbow v Natimuk United (R)
Laharum v Swifts
Edenhope-Apsley v Kalkee (A)
Harrow-Balmoral v Pimpinio (B)
Taylors Lake v Rupanyup
Noradjuha-Quantong v Southern Mallee Giants
Round 14, August 5
Jeparit-Rainbow v Edenhope-Apsley (J)
Natimuk United v Laharum
Swifts v Pimpinio
Kalkee v Rupanyup
Harrow-Balmoral v Southern Mallee Giants (H)
Taylors Lake v Noradjuha-Quantong
Round 15, August 12
Laharum v Jeparit-Rainbow
Natimuk United v Noradjuha-Quantong
Edenhope-Apsley v Swifts (E)
Pimpinio v Kalkee
Rupanyup v Harrow-Balmoral
Southern Mallee Giants v Taylors Lake (B)
Round 16, August 19
Pimpinio v Jeparit-Rainbow
Edenhope-Apsley v Natimuk United (A)
Noradjuha-Quantong v Laharum
Rupanyup v Swifts
Southern Mallee Giants v Kalkee (H)
Taylors Lake v Harrow-Balmoral



Saturday, August 26: First elimination final

Sunday, August 27: Second elimination final
Saturday, September 2: Second semi-final
Sunday, September 3: First smei-final
Saturday, September 9: Preliminary final
Saturday, September 16: Grand final

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