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Christmas comes in many guises

Picture: gfred via foter

Picture: gfred via foter

Please Christmas, can you just hurry up and arrive. It’s been a long year and some of us need a breather.
It’s a message that would resonate with many as they contemplate a much-needed break from a hectic day-to-day work environment.
For some, there won’t be a break at all – someone after all has to keep the fires burning.
For others, their expectation of relaxing time off will be blown to the wind as soon as members of the extended family pour through the front door loaded with everything from hugs, kisses and gifts, to of course, all sorts of yap and family controversy.
Who needs a rest anyway? Anyone have a bottle opener?
In all seriousness, the fact that so many of us count down the days to Christmas perhaps tells us about the potential imbalance in our lives.
Someone once said ‘you work to live, not live to work’ but how many people with sound work ethics seriously adhere to this philosophy?
Surely we must take time, and Christmas is as good a time as any, to reflect, to rest and to reinvestigate the real person we are, free from any contrived diplomacy that might dictate everyday life.
That slip-away moment to snooze off Christmas lunch on an old chair in the shed while the hubbub continues inside is priceless.
But beware! While you might see Christmas as that once-in-a-year opportunity to engage in self-indulgent nothingness, it is altogether different for young children, people driven by faith and or goodwill and all sorts of traditionalists.
And sometimes it all changes. With the aim of doing a whole lot of nothing, you might end up doing a whole lot of something that is as good as having a rest.
Hmm! Perhaps it’s all about just doing something different, something that brings a smile to the face and generates a sense of contentment.
Christmas means so many different things to so many different people.
It is hard to knock. It is based on a Christian celebration that is as much about humanity as it is about religious doctrine.
Being able to get on with, being good to and making sacrifices for and celebrating each other is a decent message for everyone, regardless of faith.
Ignore anyone who says otherwise – Christmas in Australia is for everyone, regardless of culture, belief or spirituality. It is particularly special for children.
From everyone at The Weekly Advertiser and radio stations 3WM and MIXX FM, have a good Christmas and whatever your circumstance, try to enjoy the occasion.

Seasons Greetings from the ACE Radio team.

Seasons Greetings from the ACE Radio team.

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