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EDITORIAL: People count, not the votes

Dean Lawson editorial 2 2017

State budget: Wins and big misses

It is around state budget time that we get to see the ugly side of political maneuvering.
While people across the state in charge of projects, services, industries and communities wait, in many circumstances anxiously, to see if there is any part of a budget pie for them, political games get into full swing.
Forget about the average person, community or essential project that might need a financial hand, all the cynical eyes see is a creative numbers game.
What they see is the big dollars going to where the best political points are up for grabs, or in other words, where they have a chance to win votes or influence.
Sometimes the dollars promised don’t even exist.
Victoria, for as rich as it is, is geographically small, which means there is no real excuse for any have or have-not regions, regardless of population and votes.
The fact that this exists as a norm is an indictment on a series of governments.
The inescapable truth is that the motivation driving financial governance, especially in Victoria, should always be about establishing equitable levels of service, regardless of where anyone lives. It might be different when considering the vastness of some other Australian states, but if a political accounting plan doesn’t fit this mold, then it is inappropriate for Victoria.
Using the state’s purse strings for political point-scoring, irrespective of how appealing and ‘normal’ it might seem in Spring Street, is unjust. Surely this must play on the conscience of the people in power.
Being a good government is not simply about being in charge – it is about cleverly balancing assets to ensure everyone shares equally in the wealth of the state.
We’ve only scratched the surface or barely even seriously looked at ways of making Victoria in its entirety one of the best states in the world.
We need to consider it a state of people and much more than a series of swinging and safe political seats.

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Posted on May 3 2017

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