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EDITORIAL: Patience is dimming

Dean Lawson editorial 2 2017

There is much to learn about the sensibilities of our evolving modern society by eavesdropping on the conversations of young people.
Hearing about their ideals, dreams and opportunities can prompt, in seasoned adults, feelings of everything from delight and confidence to anxiety and horror.
Such is the nature of generational change.
A perplexing observation that has many of us in the older generation concerned is a burgeoning sense of entitlement among many of our fledgling movers and shakers.
Society analysts and experts could probably put a finger on when this way of thinking all started and how it has evolved.
But what we know is the idea of people having everything ‘now’ and avoiding a climb up the ladder is prevalent.
Gone are the days it seems when the equivalent of a second-hand four-cylinder Gemini more than qualified as a first car.
Now it has to be a flash not-far-from-new head-turning vehicle for a teenager who barely knows the road rules.
The old caravan-park holiday is suddenly no longer good enough when we can easily travel to Queensland.
Either is leftover casserole in the fridge for dinner tomorrow when there’s fast food down the road.
And then there are the evils of instant coffee – God forbid when we can tap easily tap into espresso.
It all only costs a few extra dollars doesn’t it? The dollars are here and available now. Don’t worry too much about saving – we can sort that out later too.
You can’t help but cringe.
Is this way of thinking the result of many mums and dads, who have worked and saved hard to get where they are, feeling duty-bound to make life easier for their offspring? Possibly.
Is it because it is so easy for anyone to tap into the endless offers and opportunities to take-now-pay-later and consider the consequences at a later date? Possibly.
Then again, perhaps, at the end of it all, are some of us simply old-fashioned and still living by stingy rules that no longer apply?
Have we forgotten that we thought about the world in a similar way at the same age? Possibly.
The trouble is, the last time we looked, products and services still had a cost and we still needed to find or save money to pay for them.
We suspect the old expression ‘burning the candle at both ends’ still applies and people embracing the age of entitlement might be in for a rude shock.

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Posted on May 17 2017

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