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Community members voice their concerns about Horsham bypass

Floodplain option D.

Floodplain option D.

Horsham Rural City Council has come under fire from the community over its handling of a proposed city bypass and multi-use sports stadium. Community members have taken to social media to voice their concerns and opinions, commenting on The Weekly Advertiser Facebook page. Here is what the community is saying:

VFF calls for Horsham bypass rethink
“How many times can this be debated and voted on? This has gone on for far too long. It’s been voted on and discussed and a decision made”
– Jeremy Moore

“Actually, a decision has not been made. The result of the debate at the last council meeting resulted in the status quo, which is Horsham Rural City Council is apposed to ‘option D’. Some individual councillors have now shown that they individually support option D, but Cr Radford said he personally would like a further out of town option but would vote in favour of ‘D’ just to get it over and done with. Good decision making should be based on the facts of the matter. Floodplain, airport, railway-highway overpasses, entry into Horsham and cost… Option D fails on each of these considerations”
– Heather Phillips

“Cr Radford is right with one point, it should be further out of town no matter what the cost. VicRoads needs to realise it is beneficial to the nation, not just for the safety of the Horsham public. Let’s think ahead 10 to 15 or even 20 years, all of a sudden there’s a push for the freeway to continue to the South Australian border, is option D suitable? I don’t think so. Do we have to shift Green and Dock lakes to fit a freeway through? Not going to happen. How about bypassing Horsham and Pimpinio? It needs to come off the highway on the east side of Green Lake, pick up the freight terminal and come out near Wail. Flood plain you say? Engineers aren’t dumb, surely they can design a solution to assist with this. Culverts of various sizes have been around for years. Horsham is expanding out, don’t jam a bypass too close so it suffocates our town”
– Luke Dumesny
“Unfortunately Cr Radford, despite his belief that it’s too close to town, chose to vote for option D anyway”
– Kath Dumesny
“Luke Dumesny, well said. The bypass needs to bypass Horsham, and it needs to be of the most benefit to the most people. There are far too many whingers who want it anywhere except in their backyard, and penny pinchers who want the least expensive option. Do it once and do it right.
– Hilda Berry
“It needs to just be built. Not through town. Not miles out of town. A true ring road bypass on the outskirts of the city. Yes, it will affect some property owners. That’s why there are laws around compulsory aquisition. Need to build a bridge and get over it and move on. But do it much, much better than the Wimmera River foot bridge. Now there is a stuff up that should never have even started. While your at it, why not build a sports stadium where it’s not wanted?
– Marty Reither
McBryde Street nod for multi-use stadium
“A typical decision made by a council who only cater for the elite minority. A comment passed was that Horsham south residents would not be inclined to travel to Horsham west if it was built there. The majority of people have cars out that way. What about those who do not have cars and live on the wrong side of the railway line? No one has thought along those lines. Once again Horsham North misses out. It is a marginalised group”
– Sharon Williams
“Elite minority… really? I don’t think that the men and women and boys and girls who play table tennis in a sheep shed fit that description. Thankfully people of all ages and abilities and demographics play sport, indoor and outdoor. It’s part of nurturing a healthy community. We want to encourage ‘more’ people to participate and that’s why all levels of government are currently keen to support projects like this. This central location utilises the existing building and will enhance the showgrounds precinct. A Horsham North site was considered and even short-listed”
– Mark Radford
“I’m sorry, but where are the car parks supposed to be?”
– Molly Parfett-Oliver
“Another building more ratepayers money will go towards when it goes over budget like other projects”
– Kristel Eckermann

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Posted on Jul 11 2017

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