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Emma Kealy adds to shadow ministry portfolios

Member for Lowan Emma Kealy

Member for Lowan Emma Kealy

Member for Lowan Emma Kealy has described a new Coalition Country Health portfolio as recognition of health issues confronting the state’s regional population.
Ms Kealy, who has a professional background in the health industry, has taken charge of the portfolio in the latest Liberal-National shadow ministry shake-up.
She is also the Opposition’s new representative for Women and has kept the shadow ministries of Mental Health and Senior Victorians.
Ms Kealy said statistics constantly revealed that regional Victorians were at a health disadvantage when compared with the metropolitan population.
“We have, for example, the highest rates of heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease and in many cases the poorest access to health care,” she said.
“The ugly truth is that because we live in the country we have on average shorter life spans than other Victorians because of a lack of diagnosis.
“We simply don’t live as long and that’s not good enough.
“The creation of this shadow ministry is an exciting opportunity to make the unique health issues of country Victorians a primary focus instead of them running a distant second to metropolitan health.
“We know country people often have to deal with a shortage of doctors and in some cases travel long distances for treatment.
“We should be able to see a GP in a reasonable time and get treatment for chronic diseases as close to home as possible.”
Ms Kealy said in her new role she would work hard to explore areas of improvement in the regional health industry.
“It might involve everything from developing greater flexibility in funding models to exploring where we might be able to add weight to a case to improve other regional services,” she said.
Ms Kealy said she was also delighted to take of charge of the Liberal-Nationals Women’s portfolio.
She said that as the Lowan electorate’s first female representative she had an acute understanding of the circumstances confronting Victorian women and was well equipped to provide leadership in the area.
“One of the most rewarding things for me about being the first female representative in this electorate is the number of women under 20 or over 80 who have said how proud they are that they finally have a female voice representing them,” she said. “This isn’t about how men or women do things better than each other, but more about how they often provide a different perspective.
“It’s important that both have mutual respect.
“There are still unacceptable prejudices in society and there is a real need for women to feel that in today’s society they have opportunities to feel empowered.”
Ms Kealy said she would also continue exploring and researching the many issues surrounding mental health and senior Victorians across the state.

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Posted on Sep 27 2017

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