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EDITORIAL: What we need is ideas

Dean Lawson editorial 2 2017

‘You need to open your mind’. ‘Think outside the square’. ‘Think left of centre’. ‘Be proactive’.
Hands up if you are among the throng that nod profoundly in agreement with such messages at meetings, workshops, seminars or whatever – before later pushing everything to the mental backburner and slipping back into routine?
Such is the trap of being overtly conservative and letting a deep-seated fear of appearing a bit different or ‘out there’ work against constructive thinking and expression.
Running with the mob is okay for short-term comfort, but the truth is, you sometimes need to consider the most outrageous or ambit concept to achieve the best outcome.
Positive development can be all about letting ideas flow, regardless of how wild or left of centre, and then being smart enough to decide what part of an outrageous concept might actually work.
It is all about being willing to generate ideas, regardless of how obscure, to share and in some cases pursue them.
Prominent author, newspaper columnist, mathematician, humorist and teacher Kerry Cue hit the nail on the head while speaking at a Leadership Wimmera graduation dinner in Horsham.

Kerry Cue.

Kerry Cue.

In typical flamboyant fashion and passion, as she spoke about elements of leadership she considered important, Ms Cue said she had based a career around pursuing or exploring ideas.
She said her life had always been about considering possibilities and potential and considered it a way of life.
What was glaringly obvious about Ms Cue was that, through a wall-busting philosophy as well as an effervescent approach, she had made the effort to exploit her potential. Wow, what an idea!
Yes, she was good at maths, but refused to leave it at that and ramped up the other side of the brain by pursuing journalism and writing.
She reminded everyone at the Coughlin Park Community Centre, perhaps more subtly than her direct messages of leadership, that being willing to drive the concept of ideas was paramount to opening all sorts of doors.
We wait with interest to see what ideas, large or small, our latest crop of regional leadership graduates can generate.
Many of us can remember childhood television experiences when watching the long-running ABC program Play School.
We were invited to look into the arch, round or square ‘windows’ to see what was on the other side.
When we look out the Wimmera, Mallee and Grampians windows, what do we see?

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Posted on Oct 18 2017

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