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EDITORIAL: Farming, it’s big business

Dean Lawson Editorial Nov 2017

At this time of year with the headers rolling across the paddocks and farming fortunes dominating regional conversation it is impossible to ignore the scale of farming in our region.
The amount of land, the amount of produce, the amount of investment, the potential wealth, the potential loss – they are all huge.
For the average Jack or Jill, to absorb and grasp the scope and scale of enterprises, where discussion is based on many millions of dollars, can be daunting.
For example, some individual Wimmera farmers would have gone from one day hoping to bank $500,000 from their pulse crop, to the next day, after one rogue frost, to banking not much at all. To continue keeping it in perspective, they might hope to make up some of the lost return from the results, based in thousands of dollars, from perhaps a canola harvest.
That’s not forgetting of course the heavy investment that’s actually gone in to growing the plants. Phew!
These are big stakes – especially when it involves family businesses.
Each farm is different and results vary accordingly.
Amplify these variable scenarios across the region and the true magnitude of what unfolds in our part of the world becomes glaringly obvious.
The fortunes of our farming industry capture much attention – and so they should.
What this of course illustrates, if we needed reminding, is that the Wimmera, Mallee and Western District are not simply bit players driving our state and national economies.
They are major players and remarkably, much of what happens is in the hands of a relative few.
We hope our political leaders never forget what it takes to earn a reputation as the best agricultural producers in the world.

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Posted on Nov 29 2017

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