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LETTER: Standardised rail

SIR, – It is difficult to see how the figures for the return of passenger trains to Horsham will stack up in favour of the venture – ‘Rail fight gathers intensity’, The Weekly Advertiser, November 22.
Nothing less than the VLocity trains will suffice, but the smallest of that model carries four times as many passengers as the coaches it would replace.
So we would have to choose between four coaches a day or one train, or maybe one every second day.
A possible solution could be building single motorised carriages with coach-sized capacity that could be attached to already scheduled VLocity trains.
One major snag – the most modern and fastest Victorian trains known as VLocity, run only on 5’3” gauge. Not the standard gauge that runs through Horsham, Ararat and Geelong.
The changes of gauge that have plagued rail throughout Australian history will remain unless the route taken is the standard gauge through Geelong, not the one suggested by Andrew Broad, MP.
The bugbear of the current mix is changing from train to coach or vice-versa at Ararat, or anywhere else.
This will not be averted until the entire system is standardised, but who is suggesting that, last of all the cash-strapped Australian Government.
In fact it is surprising that a government led by a merchant banker is putting up any money for an ultimately loss-making enterprise.
Ron Fischer

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Posted on Nov 29 2017

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