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LETTER: Natural Justice

SIR, – All councils across Victoria have the same requirements in the Local Government Act to put our rate strategy and budget out for community consultation and comment.
This was done and we received eight submissions, two of which were from farmers challenging our rate differential for the farming community.
We did not receive a submission from the Victorian Farmers Federation.
Other than the 2.25 percent increase determined by the State Government, rate levels are also determined by the value of your property.
If the value of your property goes up, so do your rates.
The valuations are done by an independent valuer appointed by State Government. The rates system is literally a wealth tax.
Council understands the burden placed on the farming businesses when their farm valuations have jumped significantly in one year because of their property valuations.
However, to be asked to significantly change our rating system and budget after the consultation process has been completed is just not possible or appropriate.
Cr Grimble’s motion was seeking wholesale changes to the way we fundamentally calculate our rates and our budget.
He was seeking to have a 2.25 percent rate increase over every section of our community. This would mean developing a rate differential for each other sector of the community, residential, commercial and industrial.
This has never been done before.
His motion also reduced the budget by $400,000, again a fundamental change to our budget. If we approved this fundamental shift in the rate strategy and the budget, it would have set a precedent and this would undermine the principle of rates calculated on valuations, which is the foundation of the rate system.
The farming community get a tax exception for their rates on their farm and their house, residential ratepayers do not.
With such a significant change being proposed by Cr Grimble, our chief executive Mr Bhalla sought legal advice and was advised that to change the rate strategy and the budget at such short notice without having the time to go back to the community for their comment, would be breaching the Act and could land council in the Supreme Court.
Council has committed to do a full rate review prior to the next budget and assess the implications of any shift in our rating strategy will have on each sector of our community.
This is a complex issue and we understand the passionate feelings this issue generates.
However, under the Act, council must comply with the principles of natural justice and at all times look at the impact a change to one sector will have on the other.
It is a legislated requirement for good reason and it is our duty and our responsibility to govern for all.
Cr Pam Clarke, mayor
Horsham Rural City Council

LETTER: Empathy for system

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