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EDITORIAL | The donkey is braying

Dean Lawson Editorial Nov 2017

Imagine for a moment if our politicians were, like most leaders in community clubs and organisations, unpaid volunteers.
Imagine they were driven by nothing but a desire to put up a hand to provide help and support for the Australian people.
Imagine, like many clubs run by volunteers, that political affiliation and socio-economic backgrounds were irrelevant.
What would Australia’s political, cultural and psychological landscape look like in such circumstances?
The concept is unrealistic and idealistic nonsense – we all know it could never be so simple.
Yet a process of self-examination in such a hypothetical premise would be worthwhile for anyone planning to join or establish a career in politics.
History has shown time and again that one of the greatest dangers to appropriate governance comes when leaders lose touch with people and get trapped in a narrow world of self-fulfillment and one-upmanship. Politicians, regardless of how immune they believe they are – look what unfolded in Canberra in the past month – are now attracting a larger-than-usual level of community contempt, let alone disappointment.
The average person does not discriminate when responding to political turmoil.
Federal and state governments suddenly merge into one and party affiliations and philosophies become irrelevant.
Political representatives are tarred with the one brush and might as well paint a bullseye on the forehead, regardless of whom they represent and how well they do the job.
We can hear Australia’s political donkey braying in anticipation of coming elections. He’ll have ample fodder.
We feel for our representatives in the job for the right reasons who remain in touch with everyday people and find themselves trapped, hamstrung and frustrated by inner-circle party politics.
We condemn others simply there to make a diluted noise, feather their nest and big-note themselves.
Come on everyone. We can do better than this. We know we have good people in politics but let’s get back to basics.

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Posted on Sep 5 2018

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