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LETTER: Precious resource

SIR, – I thank you for your ‘Water our liquid gold’ editorial, October 3, a timely reminder to save this precious environmental resource, which we take for granted and fail to respect. 
I’ll take this opportunity to share practical thoughts on water and the environment.
Other than a shortage of water, the greatest threat to the natural environment is an excess of plastic.
A few years ago, I ‘donated’ my collection of plastic drink bottles to a secondary college and my wife and I have since been using a thermos passed on to me from my parents.
It keeps water hot in winter and cold in summer and by today’s standards doesn’t need programming or recharging.
GWMWater might be telling us we have enough water to make it through the summer, but precautions need to be taken. If every household lived as if on restrictions, we wouldn’t need restrictions. And we would be consuming less water per person.
We only need to see the plight of farmers to know our nation is in drought. Locally we might have enough water in reserve, but that can change at a moment’s notice.
Replace leaky taps or grow a mint plant under them. Bind pinholes in hoses with PVC tape and buy spray nozzles to suit your needs.
Recently a friend was showing me a spray nozzle with 10 different settings and articulated joints – many things to go wrong. I use a hose and my thumb to control the spray.
Gardens don’t have to waste water. Last week I dug out a garden bed. I took care to dig it out more than 30 centimetres deep, and replaced the soil with a mix of free green waste and manure. The green waste was made from mulched shrubs and weeds – ‘biomass’ to be technical – which I removed from the same garden. The nutrients were cycled back to where they started. Using this method I have increased water penetration and holding capacity immeasurably.
I plan to top off the garden with mulch, cut by hand. No fancy mulching machine for me – I mulch with an old and well-maintained pair of secateurs. It’s time consuming and labour intensive, and a great way to spend a few hours on a weeknight, after a hard day at the office.
‘It is hard’ and ‘I don’t like being told what to do’ are expressions I hear too often and I have grown to resent anyone who says either.
There is nothing difficult about not wasting water. Instead of waiting to be told, be active, and take the initiative to find new ways to reduce water consumption. Save water, save the environment and be proud.
Bernard Quince

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Posted on Oct 10 2018

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