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EDITORIAL | Blue-green algae a spoiler

Dean Lawson Editorial Nov 2017

With the arrival of warmer weather across the region we are again confronted with the scourge of our inland recreation lakes and waterways.
Just when we thought it was safe to go back into the water we’ve had a reminder about our dreaded watery summer companion – blue-green algae.
When GWMWater issued a blue-green algae warning for Lake Wallace at Edenhope this week we could almost hear a collective groan across the region.
Blue-green algae is far from nice and the toxins some versions of these cyanobacteria can release into water can be a significant health hazard.
Hearing of an outbreak of this naturally occurring phenomenon in one of our important recreation lakes, especially so early before summer, is news we didn’t need.
There has been discussion all year about the socio-economic benefits of recreation water in our region.
But the value of this water can’t help but lose oomph when we have an algae problem.
There has been considerable research into these naturally occurring bacteria that mimic algae and explode into life based on conditions involving sunlight, nutrients, weather and water flow or movement.
Cynobacteria is such an integral part of aquatic eco systems and the environment overall, it is hard to know if there is an appropriate way of combating or preventing outbreaks on our lakes and rivers.
Considering we have a greater understanding of just what recreation and environmental water is worth, blue-green algae represents a major hindrance to making the most of this asset.
It should also be an extra stimulant, if we didn’t have enough already, for authorities to work with the scientific community to find more ways to tackle or manage this annual problem.

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