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EDITORIAL | Deep in the bunker

Dean Lawson Editorial Nov 2017Anyone who has grown up or lived for an extended period in Horsham would be well familiar with Horsham Golf Club and its historic sand-belt course.
The course, owned by the club, has long been an integral part of Horsham sporting culture, providing the setting for many a high-quality golfing battle.
It has also been a nursery for up-and-coming stars of the game in Horsham district, a magnet for visiting international stars and a challenge for anyone with the inclination of taking up this most difficult of sports.
It has also been, at times, a wildlife sanctuary and somewhere for even the non-golfers of the community to blow off steam with a nice walk.
And it has also been with a touch of pride for many Horsham people, golfers or not, to know their regional city in the heart of the Wimmera, has consistently been listed as having one of the best golf courses in Victoria and Australia.
But Horsham’s wonderful course, set on bed of ancient sand dunes from a long-gone inland sea, is in strife – so much so that without help, Horsham might lose its most iconic of sporting assets.
Horsham Golf Club has been trying to navigate its way out of severe financial duress, much of it dating back to devastation caused by the 2009 Black Saturday fires. Despite an in-depth and dedicated restructure of a financial-management system, it remains in trouble.
Now, it seems without an immediate injection of a significant amount of money, the club is unsure if it will have the ability to continue to operate adequately into the future.
Revelations about the circumstances unfolded at a club annual meeting on Monday night.
Club leaders, well aware of the historic and cultural importance of the asset to Horsham, have thrown the club on to the mercy of Horsham district and anyone else willing to listen.
They desperately need help, whether it be from the business community, various levels of government and their agencies or the average person.
The question goes beyond asking whether Horsham golfers want to maintain a high-level flagship course in their city.
It also asks the average Horsham district person how much value they place on having such an asset – an asset that for many of us has long been part of what it means to live in Horsham and the Wimmera.

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