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EDITORIAL: We’re a good mix – take advantage

Dean Lawson Editorial Nov 2017

If a mongrel can be ‘any animal resulting from the crossing of different breeds or types’, then – sorry everyone – the chances are that this is probably the best way to describe the vast majority of generational Australians.
As a whole, whether our families have European, Aboriginal, Asian, African or whatever heritage, the chances are that family trees in Australia will eventually tail off with a string of mongrels.
Ignore dark perceptions of ignorance and bigotry.
‘Mongrel’, by definition, is far from as some suggest, a derogatory term for any Australian.
In fact, it is something many argue we as a constantly evolving national human collective should be proud.
For some, having mixed heritage has long been a badge of honour.
The truth is, the greater the genetic mix the better it probably is for Australia.
The further we travel from the illogical and scientifically disproven measuring stick of the great lie of ‘race’, the more we can surge ahead.
The 2003 mapping of the human genome revealed differences between people of the world were so insignificant they were irrelevant.
It meant that while as individuals we were all different, we were, as an animal, fundamentally the same.
The Australia Day weekend again attracted a curious mix of national pride and celebration as well as, for some, anxiety and disillusionment, much of it based on a perception of race.
It told us that while Australia, on many levels was getting things right as a collective culture, still had plenty of work ahead.
We look forward to a time of unequivocal national solidarity, where we can continue to explore the benefits of a cross-cultural melting pot and permanently place race firmly in the irrelevant box where it belongs.
We can never return to times past or even right some obvious wrongs, but as a society must be willing, hand-in-hand, to step through open doors to a progressive future.

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