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It’s all in the words for Jean Darnell

SONG CELEBRATION: Horsham music lover Jean Darnell and her Tamworth Gospel Song of the Year Award. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

SONG CELEBRATION: Horsham music lover Jean Darnell and her Tamworth Gospel Song of the Year Award. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

Horsham amateur songwriter Jean Darnell has had official recognition for her lyrical efforts by winning a major award at Tamworth.
Mrs Darnell won Gospel Song of the Year at Tamworth Songwriters Association’s 2019 Songwriters Salute.
Mrs Darnell said she had penned the song ‘Part of our Father’s Plan’ in the 1990s and had taken it on a return trip to Tamworth, the home of Australian country music.
“I was invited to go along for a project ‘of healing’ after going to Tamworth for the first time the year before,” she said.
“I left with three cover songs and two songs I had written and on the way out of the house picked up the song that eventually won the award. I hadn’t intended to do anything with it.”
Mrs Darnell said she took her songs to Shaza Leigh from LBS Studios in Tamworth ‘to have a look and provide some advice’.
“The first song she saw was Part of our Father’s Plan and she asked how it went. I said it was boring and in E minor and A minor chords. But she showed it to her husband Lindsay and he was impressed,” she said.
“Shaza then created a new tune to go with the words – it needed it – and it has now been released on LBS Collection number 23.
“When I heard Shaza sing it, I knew she had to sing it. The song also has my monologue in it.”
Mrs Darnell said the song then won a nomination for the award.
“We watched it progress to the semi-finals and in December found out it had reached the finals. I had to check with Shaza to find out if it was true,” she said.
“It was, and I received the award on behalf of both of us at Tamworth.
“I’m absolutely humbled. The truth is that Shaza and I have won this together.
“Without her expertise with music and her vocals it wouldn’t have happened.”
Mrs Darnell said she had only dabbled in music composition since learning the guitar many years ago.
“Lindsay Butler has told me to write more songs and that is what I am going to attempt to do,” she said.
“You go to Tamworth to simply enjoy the music, but to come back with an award, well – the valley looks pretty good from cloud nine.”

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