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Algae outbreak at Ararat lake

Outbreaks of blue-green algae continue to play havoc with recreational water users across the region with latest warnings coming from Alexandra Lake in the heart of Ararat.
Ararat Rural City Council staff have erected signs at the lake after tests revealed the presence of the potentially toxic algae.
Signs warning of blue-green algae have been on display at Green Hill Lake on the outskirts of Ararat for several weeks.
Ararat council chief executive Dr Tim Harrison said warning signs at Green Hill Lake would remain despite test results revealing blue-green algae levels might be sufficient to impact on water quality but unlikely to pose health risks
“Ararat Rural City Council cares about the community’s safety so we are asking residents not to have contact with the water or allow their pets to drink from or swim in the lakes,” he said.
Blue-green algae are a common seasonal occurrence in Victoria and a natural part of most aquatic systems, including streams, lakes, estuaries and the sea.
Nutrient levels, low inflows, low storage levels and warm weather can trigger blooms.
“The warning signs at Alexandra Lake will stay until test results show blue-green algae levels have dropped to acceptable levels,” Dr Harrison said.
“In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the situation. We appreciate the community’s patience and will let residents know when levels are back to an acceptable range.”
Blue-green algal outbreaks have occurred at various lakes across the Wimmera-Mallee this summer.

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