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Farmers rally over vegan protests

David Jochinke.

David Jochinke.

Victorian Farmers Federation’s Wimmera-based leader has come out strongly in defence of farmers in the wake of animal-activist protests and activities across the country.
Federation president David Jochinke assured consumers that Australian farmers strived to achieve world-best practice in animal production.
He said this included animal health and welfare.
 “If you choose not to consume these products, I am also proud to say that Australian agriculture provides you with many other healthy and safe protein sources,” he said.
“Our farmers deliver great produce – ethical and sustainable food for their communities and consumers.
“Healthy animals mean a healthy and productive farm.”
Mr Jochinke said the latest vegan activist activities had achieved little more than traffic and business disruptions, unlike previous events across the country.
“We are fortunate that latest activist activities appear to have been peaceful, unlike the other events we have seen unfold across the country where large numbers of trespassers have invaded farming businesses,” he said.
Mr Jochinke said protesters needed to respect the choices of others – ‘from those who enjoy chocolate for a treat and consume milk after exercise to help with muscle recovery to people who start their day with scrambled eggs on toast and celebrate family events with a roast dinner or barbeque’.
“Farmers respect their animals and invest heavily in research and development to ensure they are always adopting the latest science-based methods,” he said.
“This is to guarantee their end product meets a range of specifications to suit a wide variety of consumers from around the world.
“While farmers and city-based consumers might at times live very different lives, we actually have many things in common.
“We value family and safety, we care for our animals, be they pets or farm animals, and we pride ourselves in growing and consuming great food.”
Mr Jochinke said federation members thanked Victoria Police officers in ensuring the safety of Victorian farmers and the community during the protests.
Vegan activists have been protesting, through a variety of incidents involving abattoirs and farms across various Australian states, for greater animal rights.
There are various forms of dietary and philosophical veganism, which generally call for abstinence in the use of animal products and the exploitation of animals.

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