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FINANCE: SMSF a popular option

Self-Managed Super Funds, SMSFs, have become a popular way for Australians to control their superannuation. The basic requirements are that the fund must have between one and four members and these people are normally family or business-related. All members need to be trustees, guardians of the money, and even if the fund is only for […]

FINANCE: Investing: Reduce concentration risk

Concentration risk. No, it’s nothing to do with thinking too hard about something. In fact, it’s more likely to be a result of not paying enough attention. Concentration risk is the increase in investment risk that comes about from not sufficiently diversifying your portfolio. In other words, too much money is concentrated in too few […]

FINANCE: Protect your greatest asset

If you’re working and haven’t yet reached the point of financial independence, then income-protection insurance should be on your radar. As the name implies, it can help you protect your greatest asset – the ability to earn an income. At the heart of all income-protection policies is the promise to pay the policy owner a […]

FINANCE FOCUS: Finance and technology

It is hard to go anywhere these days without seeing people glued to some device. Some of us wonder what we ever did without this modern-day ‘must have’, but love ’em or hate ’em, mobile, also known as smart phones are here to stay. With all good things, there can be a downside. The cost […]

FINANCE FOCUS: Demystifying finance jargon

Jargon in any industry often confuses and confounds those who do not deal with it every day. Think about your computer. IT specialists seem to speak a different language. But investing shouldn’t be a minefield of gobbledygook that stops you understanding what your money is doing. Following, we’ve taken some of the more commonly used […]

Financial planner warns: ‘Don’t panic over short-term hits’

Wimmera financial advisor Robert Goudie has urged regional investors to maintain a long-term approach and avoid panicking in response to sudden share-market volatility. Mr Goudie said investors worried about the impact of circumstances that led to the American Dow Jones losing 2000 points, or eight percent, in two days last week should maintain a focus […]

FINANCE FOCUS: Make sure you have the right cover

The concept of Total and Permanent Disability, TPD, cover is simple. If you are ill or injured and unlikely to be able to work again, you get paid out under the policy. The difficulty has always been to define what is meant by ‘unlikely to be able to work again’. Advances in medical science and […]

FINANCE FOCUS | Time to become financially healthy

Another year is over – how was it for you? Did you achieve everything you had hoped? Are you better or worse off financially than you were this time last year? With a new year in front of you, what can you do to make the most of every moment? We’ve put together a guide […]

FINANCE: There’s an art to downsizing

The kids have finally left home and now you’re rattling around in a house way bigger than you need. If it’s time to think about downsizing, there’s more to it than simply selling one house and buying another. Here are a few things to consider. Tax-free gain Selling a large house and buying a townhouse […]

FINANCE: How much do you throw away?

While the move is on to become a cashless society, notes and coins are likely to be with us for some time yet. ‘Touch and go’ payments might be increasing, but for many small purchases most of us still rely on good old cash. And because it’s easier to hand over a note for each […]


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