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FINANCE FOCUS |A forgotten aspect of insurance

When most people think about financial planning they tend to focus on wealth creation, but often forget about the wealth protection. Building a financial plan without adequate insurance is like building a house on flimsy foundations. Comprehensive insurance cover can be a significant expense; however these costs can be made more affordable by taking advantage […]

FINANCE FOCUS: What would happen if you couldn’t work?

If you were paid the average annual wage of $82,804, you could potentially earn $10-million over a 40-year working life. You would use this money for daily living, for holidays, to accumulate assets such as a house and car and to save for your retirement. Being injured or taken ill, for only a short period, […]

Finance Focus with Robert Goudie – Superannuation – don’t set and forget

The government regularly reminds us that each Australian must take responsibility for funding their future. Regardless of when you will be able to access your super, or when you choose to stop working, you need to be aware of how your superannuation is being managed and if the final balance will be sufficient when you’re […]

Talking Business | Communication with staff crucial

For business owners, regularly engaging with employees is imperative.

Finance Focus | Tap and go… and then what?

Talk about hammering the plastic.

FINANCE FOCUS | DIY – is it for you?

Research shows Australians are underinsured, prompting insurance companies to advertise simple insurance solutions on television.

Finance Focus with Robert Goudie – What drives the dollar value?

Importers and exporters might pay the closest attention to the value of the Aussie dollar, but movements in the exchange rate affect us all. A rising dollar makes it less costly to travel overseas and decreases the local cost of imported goods. On the downside, it makes many of our exports more expensive for foreign […]

Gold might still play a role in Stawell’s future prosperity

Gold might again play a major role in the future prosperity of Stawell if exploration for the precious metal in the region continues to produce promising results.

Finance Focus: Growth v income

If you own an investment property you will be aware the return from the investment comes from two sources: income in the form of rent paid by the tenant, and growth in the form of an increase in the value of the property while you own it. Likewise from a share investment, an investor can […]

Know your rights when returning products: Wendy Mitchell

Where does your business stand when it comes to returns? Are you proactive in ensuring the customer has the best experience with their exchange?

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