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FINANCE FOCUS: Purchasing a property later in life

Home ownership continues to be our great dream, yet according to, many of us are investing in bricks and mortar much later in life. So, what does it take to bring this dream to life with retirement looming? There are many reasons you might purchase a home later in life: perhaps you’re starting fresh […]

FINANCE FOCUS: When is a law not a law?

When governments propose changes to laws, many people mistakenly believe that law is already in place. On the contrary, the path from proposal to law is not as straight-forward as you might think. When an unpopular or contentious bill is announced, perhaps because of the attention it receives from the media, everyday Australians are sometimes […]

FINANCE FOCUS: You have won, now what?

Lottery prize pools now amass huge amounts, regularly turning everyday Aussies into instant multi-millionaires. But being ‘struck rich’ is not only based on luck. There are about 70,000 people whose super funds hold more than $2.5-million. An inheritance of this magnitude can also be a life-changer. Regardless of the source, most people who receive unexpected […]

FINANCE FOCUS: Understand your super

One of the key features of superannuation is that your money is held in a trust structure. This means a trustee is responsible for looking after your money and cannot release it to you until certain conditions are met. This is the same as any trust arrangement – for instance, a trustee might look after […]

FINANCE FOCUS |A forgotten aspect of insurance

When most people think about financial planning they tend to focus on wealth creation, but often forget about the wealth protection. Building a financial plan without adequate insurance is like building a house on flimsy foundations. Comprehensive insurance cover can be a significant expense; however these costs can be made more affordable by taking advantage […]

FINANCE FOCUS: What would happen if you couldn’t work?

If you were paid the average annual wage of $82,804, you could potentially earn $10-million over a 40-year working life. You would use this money for daily living, for holidays, to accumulate assets such as a house and car and to save for your retirement. Being injured or taken ill, for only a short period, […]

What is your concept of retirement?

The concept of retirement has changed dramatically over the generations, but there remains one constant for most of us planning the end of our working life – to be able to do what we want, when we want. No more alarm clocks, no more commuting and no more demanding bosses. But what do we want […]

Make friends with your credit card

The pictures are enticing: ocean blues and hibiscus pinks; white beaches and nightclubs. For twenty-somethings, tropical holidays are rites of passage few can resist; fewer still can afford them – even if we think we can. The Thailand package was only $500, but ‘Damien’, having just paid his car rego, was broke so he decided […]

Super in your 40s

By ROBERT GOUDIE Typically your 40s is a time of established careers, teenage kids and a mortgage that is no longer daunting. There are still plenty of demands on the budget, but by this age there is a good chance there’s some spare cash that can be put to good use. As you pass the […]

Family business future planning

To ensure continuity, a succession plan is absolutely essential for every family business. This is regardless of whether the family runs a global empire, family farm or corner store. History shows that succession is the Achilles Heel of the family business. An international study on family-owned enterprises by PriceWaterhouseCoopers found that only 24 percent of […]

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