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FINANCE FOCUS | Time to become financially healthy

Another year is over – how was it for you? Did you achieve everything you had hoped? Are you better or worse off financially than you were this time last year? With a new year in front of you, what can you do to make the most of every moment? We’ve put together a guide […]

FINANCE: Avoid Christmas on credit

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving, but as we approach this most dangerous time of the year for credit cards, it might be time for a quick refresher on the best ways to use your ‘plastic’ so you don’t end up with a Christmas hangover of the financial kind. Time doesn’t cost money […]

FINANCE FOCUS | Reduce the risk

Concentration risk. No, it’s nothing to do with thinking too hard about something. In fact, it’s more likely to be a result of not paying enough attention. Concentration risk is the increase in investment risk that comes about from not sufficiently diversifying your portfolio. In other words, too much money is concentrated in too few […]

FINANCE FOCUS: You’ve been scammed

If you are over 50, male, highly educated, financially literate and manage your own super, beware. You are at a higher risk of being the target – and victim – of organised investment fraud. This isn’t necessarily because your demographic is particularly gullible. Rather, it’s because you’re more likely to control higher levels of wealth, […]

FINANCE: Different ways to invest in shares

Media headlines focus more on share market drops than rises, but wherever there is a weakness there is usually an opportunity lying in wait. High quality companies are available at excellent value if you know where to look, but if you’re not sure how to take advantage of these opportunities, following are three ways to […]

FINANCE FOCUS: Benefits to aged care planning

The only topic people don’t like talking about more than death is getting old and becoming incapable of looking after oneself. With the Australian population of over 70s likely to reach nearly four million in the next 20 years, aged care is an issue that will be of increasing concern to a growing number of […]

FINANCE FOCUS: Sharing, caring business model

With help from the internet, the latest business model is quietly turning millions of ‘average Joes’ into entrepreneurs. Uber is connecting riders with drivers through apps, Airbnb is connecting hosts with travellers looking for a place to sleep through its website and Zopa is connecting lenders with borrowers through its peer-to-peer lending service. Many individuals […]

FINANCE FOCUS: Purchasing a property later in life

Home ownership continues to be our great dream, yet according to, many of us are investing in bricks and mortar much later in life. So, what does it take to bring this dream to life with retirement looming? There are many reasons you might purchase a home later in life: perhaps you’re starting fresh […]

FINANCE FOCUS: When is a law not a law?

When governments propose changes to laws, many people mistakenly believe that law is already in place. On the contrary, the path from proposal to law is not as straight-forward as you might think. When an unpopular or contentious bill is announced, perhaps because of the attention it receives from the media, everyday Australians are sometimes […]

FINANCE FOCUS: You have won, now what?

Lottery prize pools now amass huge amounts, regularly turning everyday Aussies into instant multi-millionaires. But being ‘struck rich’ is not only based on luck. There are about 70,000 people whose super funds hold more than $2.5-million. An inheritance of this magnitude can also be a life-changer. Regardless of the source, most people who receive unexpected […]


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