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Community members voice their concerns about Horsham bypass

Horsham Rural City Council has come under fire from the community over its handling of a proposed city bypass and multi-use sports stadium. Community members have taken to social media to voice their concerns and opinions, commenting on The Weekly Advertiser Facebook page. Here is what the community is saying: VFF calls for Horsham bypass […]

LETTER| Don Johns, a celebration of a life well lived

On Friday, June 23, the community came together to celebrate the life of Don Johns OAM. It was an opportunity to acknowledge and give gratitude to the dedicated eminent service and visionary leadership provided to this community over a long period of time. Don initiated and drove many key community outcomes across many service clubs […]

LETTER: Ararat rates figures

SIR, – Stop the press! Farmers do not pay half, 55 percent, of what town residents pay in rates. We pay on average eight times – even with a 55 percent differential. Ours are already among the highest rates in the state. What actually happens is this: The council works out how much money they […]

LETTER: With great thanks

SIR, – Our greatest sympathy to Jo Johns and family on the passing of Don Johns OAM. After 19 years of service as chair of Horsham Regional Art Gallery committee of management, it is with deep sadness to hear of his passing. Under his leadership and guidance, the gallery has built many important relationships within […]

LETTER: Disappointment at Horsham public holiday shift

A Horsham business representative is leading objections to a Horsham municipal decision to change a public holiday from Melbourne Cup Tuesday on November 7 to Horsham Cup on Friday, November 3. Horsham Plaza manager Allison Roberts has written to Horsham Rural City Council, detailing concerns on behalf of plaza businesses, after surveys regarding the proposal. […]

LETTER: Strategy or environmental vandalism?

Sir, – It was with interest that I read Victorian Farmers Federation president David Jochinke’s explanation of widespread strategic paddock burns and that it was playing a key a role in sustainable and productive broadacre farm management – The Weekly Advertiser, April 26. I’m hopeful that Mr Jochinke can enlighten me as to how the […]

LETTER: Ripon covers part of Ballarat

SIR, – I refer to the recent letter from Craig Wilson of Beaufort, The Weekly Advertiser, May 10, attacking me for printing a brochure he didn’t much like in Ballarat. Ripon covers part of Ballarat and residents of Ripon from Miners Rest, Lucas, Cardigan Village, Mitchell Park and Macarthur Park and further afield work in […]

LETTER | Saying one thing, but doing the opposite

Sir, – Our state MP Louise Staley is often in the media speaking about unemployment and the need to support small business in the Ripon electorate. Usually, she takes the lazy option; don’t offer a solution, just blame your opponent, usually the Premier. On her social media page, she states that she is all about […]

LETTER | Global warming put to bed

SIR – The following article from the Washington Post should put this contentious issue to bed once and for all.  “The Arctic ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consul Ifft, at […]

Bioenergy available for the taking

SIR, – The announcement of the Kiata wind farm is good news for the Wimmera and Victoria but it highlights the problem that Victoria will soon face, and that’s a lack of base load power. There is a form of base load renewable energy that no one seems to be considering, and that’s bioenergy. According […]

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