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LETTER: A question

SIR, – Would you please ask an extremely important question of Grampians New Energy Taskforce chairman Stuart Benjamin and Climate Change Minister Lily D’Ambrosio – The Weekly Advertiser, July 18 – and any or all of the local government representatives on this task force. The question is: What is the science that proves beyond all […]

LETTER: It does not work

SIR, – When will governments learn that self-regulation does not work. It did not work with banking. It did not work with bio-security. It did not work with building materials. In fact, we need regulators to keep a check on government regulators. J. McInerney Horsham The entire July 25, 2018 edition of The Weekly Advertiser […]

LETTER: Natural Justice

SIR, – All councils across Victoria have the same requirements in the Local Government Act to put our rate strategy and budget out for community consultation and comment. This was done and we received eight submissions, two of which were from farmers challenging our rate differential for the farming community. We did not receive a […]

LETTER: Empathy for system

SIR, – Right across the state, farmers are pleading with councils to show empathy to a system that is broken, unfair and completely unsustainable. The intent and spirit of the State Government is ultimately to cap council expenditure to a modest 2.25 percent. The budget process and rating system might seem complex – the reality […]

LETTER: Where I stand

SIR, – I write to discuss Horsham Rural City Council’s 2018-19 Budget.  The process does not start off with a blank sheet of paper. The budget is a practical empowering of the aspirations and directions contained in the council plan. The council plan is the road map which guides the priorities of our local government. The budget […]

LETTER: Where I stand

SIR, – I refer to a letter published in The Weekly Advertiser on June 6 called ‘No Justification’ and signed by 12 out of 25 members of a Citizens Jury that considered recommendations of an Ararat Rural City Council Rating Strategy Advisory Group. As a member of that jury I feel compelled to make it […]

LETTER: Calling all farmers

SIR, – Farmers, you must not let Horsham Rural City Council shift more than half a million dollars in rates from the residential sector to the farm sector. The council proposes to give the residential sector a $540,000 rate reduction and expects farmers to pay $646,000 to cover this shortfall. Once the rate base is […]

LETTER: Unfair rates proposal

SIR, – As a landowner in the Bulgana area, I write in regards to the inequitable and unfair proposal of the rate increase for our shire’s farmers. This increase will affect my livelihood in unimaginable ways. I formally object to the exorbitant proposed increases in rates for farming properties. According to budget documents, Northern Grampians […]

LETTER | Make Time

SIR, – We are all guilty of it, neglecting our health, but statistically it seems that more often than not it is us blokes who do it the most. We’ve got jobs to do, we’re out seeding until 3am or we’re working through the to-do list from last month – we don’t have time to […]

LETTER | Reef is Dying

SIR, – The Great Barrier Reef is an icon of the world’s biodiversity. It is a rainforest of the sea. It is the largest reef structure and marine park in the world. It is not one continuous reef, but is made up of more than 2900 reefs and 900 islands. It runs from Fraser Island […]


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