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Tributes for a Stawell scholar

Friends and colleagues have paid tribute to prominent Australian physicist the late Dr Eric Vance, who was born in Ararat and spent his childhood in Stawell. They have collaborated to provide a brief description of his life and impact on not only Australia, but also the world. Here is a condensed version of their obituary […]

LETTER | Shame on you

SIR, – I am absolutely abhorred, disgusted by the fact that so many people have rubbished their vote. Just in the little town – I live in Warracknabeal – almost 15 percent of the total votes are informal. These people have no right to make any complaints about the government since they have not made […]

LETTER: Nectarines or whale?

SIR, – J. McInerney gave an unusual argument against veganism in The Weekly Advertiser letters to the editor, April 24. He wrote that some people cannot eat processed meat because of their health, and also that Arctic people eat only meat. I understand there’s near-consensus among the medical community that processed meat is bad for […]

LETTER | It’s been an honour

SIR, – For almost six years I have served as the Member for Mallee in Australian Federal Parliament. I will soon retire from this role. In all my time in the Australian Parliament, I have sought to be the voice of the people of the Wimmera and Mallee, and made every effort to put your […]

LETTER: Playing us for fools

SIR, – The recent Federal Budget announced $210,000,000 of road spending in Mallee. But really what was announced? A $60-million commitment for the Stawell to South Australian border upgrade is welcome. But Nationals advertisements claiming a ‘$1-billion’ spend in Mallee already includes $50-million for the same project. So how much of that $60-million in the […]

LETTER: No vegans there

SIR, – There are many Australians who cannot eat processed meat because of their health. Their protein cannot come from sausages, ham, fake meat and so on. They need farmers to produce fresh meat to survive. The ‘Eskimo’ diet is made up only of meat. There are no vegans there. J. McInerney Horsham The entire […]

LETTER: Time to turf them out

SIR, – Well federal election fever is upon us, and unfortunately we live in a very safe electoral seat. So the incumbent member does not have to try hard at all. Want to change all that? Turf them out. Only when electoral seats change hands does the money pour in. You want to accelerate infrastructure […]

LETTER: Speedy Ararat train service

SIR, – We have become enthusiastic and regular users of the passenger train between Ararat, Ballarat and Melbourne, these past 10 years. Contrary to Member for Ripon Louise Staley, we have found the service comfortable and speedy, delivering us right into the heart of Melbourne.  We can recall only a few times when the service […]

LETTER | Vegan perspective

Disruptive protests in the name of veganism across the country have prompted various levels of outrage and condemnation. The Weekly Advertiser joined a chorus of criticism of the tactics activists have been using. But as the dust settles and with clearer and calmer heads at the debating table, what is it all about? Amy Carpenter […]

LETTER | Grant to aid Wimmera River Discovery Trail

SIR, – I would like to acknowledge the recent grant funding by the Commonwealth towards the Wimmera River Discovery Trail. This will make the first stages of the trail a reality and provide fresh economic and tourism opportunities for Hindmarsh Shire and the Wimmera. The support of The Weekly Advertiser in promoting this initiative is […]


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