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LETTER | Well said on ‘rail waste’

SIR, – In response to Peter Janetzki’s letter in The Weekly Advertiser, November 21, about ‘Rail Waste’ I say well done! I agree that a two-car velocity passenger train should operate in the Wimmera – for a start from Dimboola, the original depot – to Ararat and stabled in a holding yard for a return […]

LETTER | Stand Up To Violence

SIR, – It was great to see men leading the 2018 Horsham White Ribbon march.   I read with interest Bernard Quince’s letter in The Weekly Advertiser and agree there is a need to educate boys and to teach them that not only is dad’s violence wrong but that any violence against women is wrong.  Leaders […]

LETTER: Heartfelt thanks for support for Elissa

SIR, – I publicly thank all the organisations and individuals who assisted my daughter Elissa in raising money and awareness of cancer and other childhood illness. On September 20, Elissa shaved and donated her hair to ‘Hair with Heart’ and raised money for Variety, The Children’s Charity. Two students from Stawell Secondary College especially helped […]

LETTER | Rail waste

SIR, – I wish to comment in regards to Emma Kealy’s statement about the return of passenger trains to Horsham and maybe further such as Nhill and Kaniva. I do not believe we need a business plan – this would be a sheer waste of taxpayers’ money. We already have the infrastructure in place such […]

LETTER: Impressed by Sarah De Santis

SIR, – As the only candidate for the state election in attendance at Stawell and Ararat agricultural shows last weekend I was impressed with Sarah De Santis Labor candidate for Ripon’s stall. She and her team, instead of environmentally unfriendly balloons, were giving away eco-friendly pinwheels made from FSC certified materials – fully recyclable and […]

LETTER: Halloween humour

SIR, – It is October. Football conversations have dropped and complaints about Halloween have started. The eve of All Hallow is associated with gaudy orange and black decorations, which spring to life and make the most unrealistic cackles. Every year my good wife decorates her house and I marvel at the latest plastic gadget, which […]

LETTER: Gary Bird: Work done on sports precinct

Former Horsham mayor Gary Bird has urged the city’s community leaders to be conscious of their potential to ‘waste time, effort and money’ by ‘going over old ground’. Mr Bird, a Horsham councillor for about 10 years and mayor in 2006 and 2007, said it was with a sense of frustration that he followed latest […]

LETTER: Precious resource

SIR, – I thank you for your ‘Water our liquid gold’ editorial, October 3, a timely reminder to save this precious environmental resource, which we take for granted and fail to respect.  I’ll take this opportunity to share practical thoughts on water and the environment. Other than a shortage of water, the greatest threat to […]

LETTER: Battlefield tour

SIR, – We are seeking expressions of interest for a group of 10 to 20 people to join a tour of First World War battlefields at Gallipoli and the Western Front during August-September 2019. Options include five days in Turkey with a visit to Gallipoli then about 12 days on the Western Front. The tour […]

LETTER: Careless parents

SIR, – It never ceases to amaze me how careless parents are in this region. I have lost count of the amount of times I have witnessed occasions where parents have done or allowed something with their kids that places them in potential danger. It frustrates me how these parents don’t seem to care about […]


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