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EDITORIAL: Priorities, priorities, priorities… please!

Apparently there’s going to be a big vote in Australia about same-sex marriage. It’s massive and we all need to be tuned in and have a say. Oh, and by the way, there might be a war between the west and North Korea. Yes, yes, yes, but dear oh dear, what are we going to […]

EDITORIAL | Progress: It is all about people

“People walk, people fly, people sing, people sigh; “People lose, people try, hurt people cry, people live, people die; “People laugh – ha, ha ha!” – ‘People’ by Mi-Sex, 1980. A need to find a way to stimulate population growth continues to glow as the fundamental priority for regional progress. It became obvious during think-tank […]

EDITORIAL | Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Partnership must make a difference

We look forward to a major gathering in Horsham Town Hall tonight to assess how the State Government’s Regional Partnership concept has evolved.

EDITORIAL: Plastic bags a good start

As I awoke one morning, it was great to hear further news that supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths would stop providing free soft plastic shopping bags to customers by the end of the year. Yes, the news was encouraging as I threw the soft plastic wrapper from the bread I was about to toast into […]

EDITORIAL: Regional growth: It’s in our own hands

Many of us can’t help but respond with bemusement at the degree of ignorance many international visitors have in reference to Australia. The lack of general knowledge about any- where outside the borders of the United States for some Americans, for example, can be quite mind-blowing. But if we believe for a minute that the international […]

EDITORIAL: Bulgana project a major victory

We can talk forever about and promote idealistic notions of industry and value-adding project potential. It is a subject that can dominate the discussion and thinking of civic, regional and development leaders and commentators, often resulting in a series of big, fat nothings. But when an idea comes together and everything appears to click into […]

EDITORIAL : Do we bin it or is there an alternative?

Anyone involved in, who observed closely or reported on the recycling revolution of the 1980s would have noted that society needed to jump large hurdles for the concept to become a reality. For those of us who remember, there were all sorts of barriers, none more pressing than a fledgling industry struggling to generate demand […]

LETTER: Landcare anxiety over burnt trees

Remnant paddock trees severely damaged by fire in autumn have prompted Kaniva and District Landcare members to urge the regional farming community to take care when burning stubble. Landcare facilitator Kim Hawker has put pen to paper to present the group’s point of view. This year featured a glorious autumn – flames tore through the […]

EDITORIAL: Good on you, Johnsie

Horsham community advocate and tireless campaigner Don Johns dies, 83 It is hard to put a value on the time and effort some people spend trying to encourage or promote their communities. ‘Priceless’ perhaps is the only term that comes close to truly reflecting what it means to be lucky enough to have individuals in […]

EDITORIAL | Danger in acceptance

We often hear about many aspects of modern life that are eating away at what we consider the pillars of a healthy and vibrant society. It seems we need only turn the pages of a newspaper, switch on the radio or television or find the appropriate app on a smartphone to tune into what’s eroding […]

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