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EDITORIAL: Embrace the meaning of Santa

The arrival of Christmas presents a perplexing challenge for many Australian parents of young children. While finding the right type as well as balance of gifts between siblings is high on the list, the hardest job can often be simply coming to grips with the idea of Santa Claus. It’s okay to foster the romance […]

EDITORIAL: Look after the ‘pennies’

It is hardly surprising that many people have brushed off as ‘irrelevant and boring’ news that a rare type of moth that calls the Wimmera home is still with us living near Nhill and Kiata. ‘Whoopee do’ we can almost hear some people say, continuing with: ‘surely it’s only a moth and little more than […]

Family violence hubs must be ‘statewide’

EDITORIAL: We’ve spoken plenty of times about the madness of geographical ignorance when it comes to government understanding, governance, support and development of the Wimmera and Mallee.

LETTER: Standardised rail

SIR, – It is difficult to see how the figures for the return of passenger trains to Horsham will stack up in favour of the venture – ‘Rail fight gathers intensity’, The Weekly Advertiser, November 22. Nothing less than the VLocity trains will suffice, but the smallest of that model carries four times as many […]

EDITORIAL: Farming, it’s big business

At this time of year with the headers rolling across the paddocks and farming fortunes dominating regional conversation it is impossible to ignore the scale of farming in our region. The amount of land, the amount of produce, the amount of investment, the potential wealth, the potential loss – they are all huge. For the […]

EDITORIAL: We need to unlock lake potential

As temperatures continue to rise in the lead-up to an expected hot Wimmera summer we can’t help but again consider the value of our lakes and waterways.

EDITORIAL: Citizenship mess is un-Australian

Please, please! Can someone make the dual-citizenship scandal rocking Australian politics just go away? We have a constitutional issue dating back 116 years, which no one seemed to worry about too much in the past, dismantling commonsense democratic process. If only we had an ‘on’ or ‘off’ button that could fix the problem that in […]

EDITORIAL: Remembrance Day all about loss

We need only consider the international rhetoric, diplomatic name-calling and sabre-rattling of the past 12 months to understand why there is still a need for Remembrance Day. The occasion, above anything else, is an annual community message that regardless of motivation, war ultimately is another name for horror, death and destruction, often on a massive […]

EDITORIAL | We all have an influence

RELATED STORY: Rupanyup celebrates 100th Beersheba anniversary All you need to do in the Wimmera to feel small in such a busy and complicated world is to stand in the middle of a lonely paddock where nothing surrounds you except the sky bleeding into a distant horizon. If you think too hard about it, the […]

EDITORIAL: What we need is ideas

‘You need to open your mind’. ‘Think outside the square’. ‘Think left of centre’. ‘Be proactive’. Hands up if you are among the throng that nod profoundly in agreement with such messages at meetings, workshops, seminars or whatever – before later pushing everything to the mental backburner and slipping back into routine? Such is the […]


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