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EDITORIAL | Riding the waves of water supply

If we ever needed to galvanise a belief that our part of the world is primed for growth, we need only consider the role access to water is playing across the region. The reality is that construction of the Wimmera-Mallee Pipeline, which replaced the vast and clever but incredibly wasteful open-channel system, opened a new […]

EDITORIAL | Get moving on highway project

Waiting, waiting, waiting! Anyone who travels regularly through the region on the Western Highway would understand the frustration of motorists using this busy corridor. If you are heading west from Melbourne towards the South Australian border, the drive is a comfortable dual-carriageway cruise – until just before Ararat. If you are heading east from the […]

EDITORIAL: We’re a good mix – take advantage

If a mongrel can be ‘any animal resulting from the crossing of different breeds or types’, then – sorry everyone – the chances are that this is probably the best way to describe the vast majority of generational Australians. As a whole, whether our families have European, Aboriginal, Asian, African or whatever heritage, the chances […]

EDITORIAL | Tapping into our resources

It is far from a secret that modern Australia has barely scratched the surface in understanding the potential of our country’s natural assets. While we have long exploited obvious resources such as minerals, climate, global positioning and a sheer expanse of land, we are probably guilty of overlooking other obvious opportunities. If opportunity is based […]

EDITORIAL | Time to celebrate each other

Another Christmas has arrived. Another milestone in life’s calendar and perhaps another opportunity to contemplate, reflect and consider who we are, what we do and how we treat each other. We’ve said it before – Christmas can mean so many different things to different people. It can be a time of celebration, a time for […]

EDITORIAL| Get back on the rails

It is an understatement to say the new State Government is on notice to fix the Wimmera’s passenger-rail dilemma. With the potential disappearance of the interstate Overland train in the future, a service the Labor government is using as a regional transport backstop, it now has no legitimate excuse in ignoring the issue. That is […]

Children in need of a loving home – Andrew Broad

The real work of the Australian Parliament does not take place in the House of Representatives chamber. The real work takes place in the conversations in the hallways, in our cross-house committees and in meetings with ministers. This sitting fortnight, a report was presented entitled Breaking Barriers: A National Adoption Framework for Australian Children. It […]

EDITORIAL | It’s easy… but just all too hard

It used to be simple. You would move into or build a house and you would get the water, the power, the gas, the phone, whatever, all hooked up and it all worked. If something didn’t, you could make a quick call and someone would slip around to have a look, make a diagnosis and […]

LETTER | White Ribbon Walk disappointing

SIR, – I participated in Ararat’s White Ribbon Walk supporting victims of domestic abuse. I was disappointed – Ararat is in the top 10 regions for domestic abuse in Victoria, and the number of women murdered by their partners has increased significantly. Does ‘The Walk’, have an impact on these crimes? Uncertain. I participate – […]

EDITORIAL: Uneasy feeling after state election

Some of us can’t help but remain unsure about what the landslide Labor win in the state election means for our part of western Victoria. Despite convincing assurances from Labor Member for Western Victoria Jaala Pulford that she and her political colleagues would govern for all of the state, there remains a sense of uneasiness. […]


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