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EDITORIAL: Explore education opportunities

Applications by international students to study at Longerenong College should remind us how important it is for the Wimmera to continue pushing for a greater piece of Victoria’s education pie. For many community leaders, being able to provide a broad portfolio of tertiary education services in the region has long sat at the top of […]

EDITORIAL: Migrant exploration makes sense

We welcome a serious pitch to find out whether a structured skilled migration plan can address population stagnation and decline across our region. There has been plenty of talk about its potential and we have even seen isolated examples of where the concept has worked in tandem with industry development. Wimmera success story Rupanyup-Minyip community […]

EDITORIAL: Opportunity beckons our towns

When it comes to our regional towns it is so easy to ease back into the cynics’ chair and sprout endless forecasts of doom and gloom. Yes, we all know some of our satellite settlements across the Wimmera-Mallee are starting to resemble ghost towns – such is the nature of change and population drift away […]

EDITORIAL: Better to know the ‘devil’

‘Be careful what you wish for’. Or, perhaps, ‘better the devil you know’. Call it being conservative, over-cautious, whatever you like. But these are thoughts that come to mind when considering the potential fall-out from the various levels of community disillusionment over local governance. We’re seeing everything from farmers in uproar over a statewide municipal […]

We all need to be a little bit ‘green’

We are asking for trouble if we ignore revelations about creatures that have either become extinct or are on the edge of extinction.

Editorial | Footy anxiety in population drain

It is no secret that the extent of sporting culture provides some of the best measures of western Victorian community stability. If your sporting club, especially a mainstream football and netball club, is in good nick throughout all grades of competition, then the chances are your community is ticking along nicely as well. The opposite […]

EDITORIAL | Celebrating culture

Reading any worthwhile Australian history book provides a reminder that we Australians are a hodge-podge mix of people, cultures and backgrounds. In fact, it’s much easier than that. All we really need to do is take a moment to absorb the human throng in any shopping centre to get a profound idea of what makes […]

EDITORIAL: Thinking caps on in shopping battle

It is with everything from fear to fascination that we watch the evolution of online trading and what it means for traditional regional shopping. Alarm bells have been ringing loud and clear for some time, perhaps more profoundly in regional centres, about what our shopping and service landscape will look like in the future. Empty […]

EDITORIAL | We need answers to rating anxiety

Anyone following local government politics in regional Victoria is usually more than familiar with debate about the divide between urban and rural ratepayers. Finding an appropriate medium where a differential system represents what is fair and equitable seems as far off today as it has at any time in the past. In fact there is […]

EDITORIAL | Turning powder into productivity

Just how good are we in the Wimmera at making the most of our development opportunities? History and our position as a major international food producer suggest we have been good at it in the past. And there seems to a feeling that, after resting on our laurels for quite a while, there is a […]


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