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EDITORIAL: What we need is ideas

‘You need to open your mind’. ‘Think outside the square’. ‘Think left of centre’. ‘Be proactive’. Hands up if you are among the throng that nod profoundly in agreement with such messages at meetings, workshops, seminars or whatever – before later pushing everything to the mental backburner and slipping back into routine? Such is the […]

EDITORIAL: All for a common good

We often hear a message from Wimmera leaders about a need for the region to put aside neighbourhood rivalries to work together for a common good. It clearly makes a lot of sense and it is good in theory. But the reality has often been a little different; especially where a community, town or municipality […]

EDITORIAL | Holiday weekend provides insight

RELATED: Mixed bag for traders on Grand Final Weekend Anyone living in a city or town on the Western Highway last weekend would have found it hard to ignore the number of South Australian football fans travelling to and from Melbourne. Travellers, with colourful scarves and flags flapping from car windows adorned with images of […]

Water: A must for healthy living

EDITORIAL: We hope all sides and levels of government have more than a tokenistic look at results of an in-depth study into the socio-economic value of recreation and environmental water.

EDITORIAL | Volunteers real sporting ‘heroes’

In more than 30 years of covering life and times in the Wimmera-Mallee, the one aspect of culture that never ceases to amaze is the dedication of people to their sporting clubs. Revelations of how much time and effort volunteers put into what are often relatively tiny organisations can be staggering. When you stand back […]

LETTER | Nothing has changed

SIR, – I am disappointed as a Christian that it has got to the stage with the same-sex marriage debate that the Australian Christian Lobby and Australians For Traditional Marriage are using scaremongering techniques to discourage people from voting yes in the upcoming postal plebiscite. Can I start by asking you all what is a […]

EDITORIAL: Carp research exposes depth of problem

Oxygen, algae in carp research We’ve heard for many years about the grave environmental problems of leaving noxious exotic carp to populate our inland waterways unchecked. Problems ranging from displacement of native or preferred aquatic life to water contamination through turbidity and river bed and bank erosion are among issues that have continually surfaced. Despite […]

LETTER: Take responsibility for addiction

SIR, – Sometimes we sit back and think what have we done with our lives. I am a 47-year-old woman and finally I can see what damage I have caused to all the people around me. I am an alcoholic and for years I have tried to stop drinking alcohol. It is not until I […]

EDITORIAL: Let’s get all aboard and be heard

Many years ago, a family trip from the Wimmera to special events in Melbourne such as the football involved simply getting on a train. For us it was about boarding at the Horsham station and enduring nothing more than each other’s company as we picked up travellers at other regional stops along the way before […]

EDITORIAL: Respect crucial at all age levels

If there is one thing that is irritating, it must surely be members of the older generations of our society pointing the finger at young people for the many ills of the world. How often do we hear the phrase or something similar: ‘that’s young people for you these days’ or ‘it wouldn’t have happened […]

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