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EDITORIAL | We need answers to rating anxiety

Anyone following local government politics in regional Victoria is usually more than familiar with debate about the divide between urban and rural ratepayers. Finding an appropriate medium where a differential system represents what is fair and equitable seems as far off today as it has at any time in the past. In fact there is […]

EDITORIAL | Turning powder into productivity

Just how good are we in the Wimmera at making the most of our development opportunities? History and our position as a major international food producer suggest we have been good at it in the past. And there seems to a feeling that, after resting on our laurels for quite a while, there is a […]

EDITORIAL: Respect and governance

Sorry developments plaguing a couple of municipal councils in our region during the past year or so have been disappointing. Downright embarrassing might be a better description. Some of us who have long covered the drama of local government have never seen, until now, such a high level of personal warfare in council chambers. Not, […]

EDITORIAL: We’re all weirdos!

As humans we operate on so many different wavelengths. One of our great strengths, which is perhaps also one of our great weaknesses, is that we’re all so different. It is what makes us, as a mob, both highly adaptable and highly vulnerable and ultimately the quintessential success story of the Animal Kingdom. Some of […]

EDITORIAL: Longy needs access to program

We hope Longerenong College’s ineligibility to provide free courses under a new State Government TAFE program is a simple oversight. Such an oversight would be bad enough, suggesting a lack of understanding about what’s happening in tertiary agricultural training across the state. But a disqualification of rapidly evolving Longerenong College from the scheme while fully […]

EDITORIAL: Pipe dreams continue

We have said it many times before, but there is little doubt that in our part of the world, water is as valuable as gold. If we ever need a reminder, all we need to happen is for the heavens to turn the tap off for a while and see how people respond. A lack […]

EDITORIAL: Reliability crucial for NBN success

Turn it off and turn it on again and hope for the best! Or perhaps, ‘don’t worry, it will eventually be okay!’ That seems some of the best anecdotal advice going around for people trying to overcome issues involving their connection to the National Broadband Network. Our whiz-bang telecommunications service might have the potential to […]

EDITORIAL: Boundary changes expose neglect

We could easily accept official proposals to expand the federal electoral division of Mallee as simple evolution and a matter of course based on long-term population drift. The reality is, Victorians should be disappointed, embarrassed and concerned that an electorate already covering a third of the state has to expand under statute to meet voter-number […]

EDITORIAL: Send them off! It’s not cricket…

For those of us old enough to remember, there was a glaring problem with country football that was dangerous and ugly. It was a sport that left a door ajar for thugs to play a major role in the outcome of a contest with violence, especially in grand finals. At times, the game was also […]

EDITORIAL: The Wimmera, yes we exist!

The emails went backwards and forwards, so much so that the original reason for the communication almost became lost in the confusing process. A media release announcing health issues specific to the Grampians region slipped into our ‘inbox’ and captured our attention. Okay, the ‘Grampians’ – better check what that means. Is it the Grampians, […]


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