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LETTER: Rail clamour

SIR, – There has been a lot of clamour by the major parties regarding regional rail, as is usual at this time before elections. They are each offering to improve or extend some passenger services here or there.  Australian Country Party-Give It Back sees rail as one of the two key features to its plan to […]

EDITORIAL | Teamwork is the key to Longy plan

Significant government funding for Longerenong College to become an educational benchmark in the use of technology in grain production is more than a simple win for the college. It also represents a victory for regional collective thinking and how, if we have the right ideas and avenues to government, we can influence investment in our […]

LETTER: Gary Bird: Work done on sports precinct

Former Horsham mayor Gary Bird has urged the city’s community leaders to be conscious of their potential to ‘waste time, effort and money’ by ‘going over old ground’. Mr Bird, a Horsham councillor for about 10 years and mayor in 2006 and 2007, said it was with a sense of frustration that he followed latest […]

EDITORIAL | Insight into our public schools

Taking time to spend a day at a public Wimmera primary school as an independent observer is an eye-opening experience. It also galvanizes just how important it is for governments, communities and society as a whole to get our education formulas as right as possible. Being asked to be ‘principal for the day’ at bubbling […]

EDITORIAL | We need a spell from the footy

As we track through spring towards summer a growing sporting chestnut has again reared its head. The arrival of warmer weather has traditionally heralded an annual change where people keen to pursue competitive sport and to keep life interesting switch codes. Having choice of sports to pursue has been one of the great strengths of […]

EDITORIAL | Report proof water is ‘liquid gold’

It comes as little surprise that latest results from a four year study have confirmed the significant social-economic benefits associated with recreational and environmental water.

EDITORIAL | Contest required for democracy

Anyone living in Victoria’s Lowan electorate with any sense of democracy has reason to have a growing feeling of disappointment as we draw closer to a State Election. With the calendar edging towards the November 24 poll and political campaigning in full flight, the sitting government has yet to announce a candidate for the largest […]

EDITORIAL | Understand our role as adults

We’ve probably mentioned it before, but many years ago, during the mid 1970s, a group of annoyed Horsham West Primary School youngsters boldly marched through their school. Inspired by the social commentary of the day and what they had seen unfolding in the media, the group stormed through buildings loudly chanting ‘we protest!’ It must […]

EDITORIAL: Giants reflecting rural resilience

Only the most blind of sporting lovers in the region would have failed to recognise that Southern Mallee Giants have won a spot in a Wimmera Football League grand final. ‘So what?’, some might say, ‘it’s just another country footy team playing in another country competition, in another country footy match’. But probe a little […]

EDITORIAL | The donkey is braying

Imagine for a moment if our politicians were, like most leaders in community clubs and organisations, unpaid volunteers. Imagine they were driven by nothing but a desire to put up a hand to provide help and support for the Australian people. Imagine, like many clubs run by volunteers, that political affiliation and socio-economic backgrounds were […]


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