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EDITORIAL | Vegan protests badly miss the mark

Dean Lawson Editorial Nov 2017

Let’s put it into perspective.
While our oceans are choking from unrelenting plastic waste, people are going crook about society farming animals.
With threats of mass extinctions of rare plants and creatures, some believe the biggest issue worth protesting about is whether the next-door neighbour is barbecuing a few snags.
Despite a combination of environmental threats such deforestation, erosion, air, land and water pollution providing a frightening scenario for the future, apparently the age-old human survival process of raising animals for food is now a no-no.
Also, as an unending war against bigotry continues to rage, there are individuals more concerned about rescuing goats from a farm.
Critically, while people worldwide are struggling to deal with poverty and a shortage of readily absorbable life-saving protein, here in Australia we have disruptive protests about growing sheep, cows, pigs, goats, chickens and so on. Being able to publicly protest about the wrongs of society is one of the great privileges of modern Australian society.
But can we please make large, dramatic and disruptive exhibitions about something that is actually worthwhile, makes sense, forces change and doesn’t physically or financially hurt anyone?
The issues driving vegan-based animal activists across the country might to some appear philosophically admirable. After all, most would agree there’s not much fun involved in killing anything.
But the activists are pushing a dead-end cause – to the point of being a waste of time, effort, money, resources and precious focus.
They are not going to stop society from farming and using meat for food or other products for commercial gain.
As humans we’ve evolved as an apex predator with eyes in the front of our heads.
There is always going to be someone among us keen to tuck into a steak sandwich or hamburger.
As smart animals, we can make a choice as individuals whether to eat meat or pursue other foods for protein – but that, importantly, is all about individual choice.
There is no doubt that as humans we must be humane in how we treat, raise and, yes, slaughter domestic animals. That’s why there are strict rules in place.
But again, where are all the protests for the greater evils occurring in the country and around the planet?
How spoilt we have become.
Farmers rally over vegan protests

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Posted on Apr 10 2019

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