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    Mark Stone, Adelaide, during Midway Cup competition at Horsham.
  • Hero image
    EYES UP: World-ranked number three pilot Andrew Myers during the Midway Cup competition at Horsham. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER
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    Jim Houdalakis, Melbourne, launches his remote controled glider during Midway Cup competition at Horsham.

‘Amazing’ remote controlled gliders compete in Wimmera sky for Midway honours

Glider pilots gathered at Horsham at the weekend for the Wimmera Model Aircraft Association Midway Cup thermal duration competition.

Course director Robert Gunn said competitors flew the four-metre-wide carbon gliders for exactly 10 minutes, then tried to land them on a mark for 50 bonus points. “These planes are amazing. They are full carbon composites that vary in weight from 1200 grams to more than 2000 grams,” Mr Gunn said.

“They are very light, and have everything full-sized aircraft have, like braking and adjustments in flight. 

“They are very technical now – they have a detector on board, so the pilot knows what height they are when they turn the motor off.”

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Mr Gunn said the thermal duration competition attracted pilots from across Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, including a world-ranked number three pilot and Australian team members.

“It’s a lot of fun and there’s a bit of ragging,” he said.

The weekend event was the second annual event to take place at the association’s Green Lake base.

– Bronwyn Hastings 

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