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Best of Melbourne: 7 Must-See Attractions In Australia's Cultural Capital



Ah, marvellous Melbourne. Victoria's capital city and one that has a vibrant history. While we are known for our coffee culture and sports magnetism, several other attractions around this liveable city make Melbourne such a great place to live and also to visit and explore. 


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We have some of the most historical buildings in Australia, while also those that have become world famous for a number of records. 


Whether it's food or nature, animals to art, this city has something for everyone. From beautiful green spaces to an array of places that become a highlight for self-expression, here you can find a place for you, to find knowledge or to envelope yourself in that which you love.


Therefore, let me guide you on some of Melbourne's best lures around that are sure to draw you into a discovery or allow you to rediscover some of this city's best gems. 

  1. Eureka Skydeck: 


If you have ever wanted to experience what a birds-eye view of this city is like the tallest building in the city's skyline – Eureka Tower – is the perfect place to get a unique perspective of city life, all while being perfectly close to some great Melbourne hotels.


The towering skyscraper is the third-highest in Australia behind Australia 108 in Melbourne and Q1 on the Gold Coast, but what draws people to this sky-high structure is a special experience if you're up for thrills and don't mind heights.


Eureka Tower houses its own Skydeck to view the city from a great angle, and, located on the 88th floor is its own "The Edge" glass cube that gives you the feeling of seeing the streets like an eagle from up above.

  1. Melbourne Zoo:


For many of us, we often remember a beloved trip to the zoo as a child. While there is no denying that any animal in its natural wild habitat is the perfect world, Melbourne Zoological Park runs a successful breeding program for many exotic animal species.


From lions to tigers to elephants, it is a perfect day out to learn more about wild creatures, whether you're a kid, or a wildlife lover.  Opened in 1862 and operating for over 150 years, the Zoo is the oldest in Australia and has the largest range of animals of any zoo in the country with over 5000 animals, that cover over 320 species. 


Whether you choose to spend your time amongst the elephants, the orangutans or, in my personal favourite, the famed butterfly house, it is definitely a place to find your spirit animal.

  1. A Walk in the Gardens: 


One of the many attractions of Victoria, and indeed Melbourne, is the beauty of its parks and gardens. There is indeed one point when we were promoted as ‘The Garden State’.


If you want to be like Alice, surrounded by a wonderland of plant life, talking to the flowers for hours, then there is no better spot than the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne, located on Birdwood Avenue.  You can spend a peaceful day walking amongst the trees and diverse flora - all 94 acres of it.  These lush gardens can offer a means of peace among nature and a bubble of seclusion within the bustling city.

  1. Queen Victoria Market:


With its open-air market and stalls that have been a staple of the Melbourne make-up since the Federation era and the days of the horse and cart, this marketplace is located in, the appropriately named, Queen St, and is a city icon amongst Melbourne locals. 


Whether you're a food enthusiast or a tourist who is shopping for the perfect souvenir, the 'Queen Vic' as it is known to Melburnians, is a great place to spend a day out in our city and discover a classic, both in a bought item and that of the glorious market itself.


To end your experience, no trip to this market is complete without at least one sample of the most famous jam doughnuts in Melbourne at the American Doughnut Kitchen van. 

  1. National Gallery of Victoria:


If visual art is more the way to your heart and means of expression, then a trip to the National Gallery of Victoria may be just what touches your soul. 


The NGV is part of two galleries and the perfect place for any modern aspiring Van Gough or Picasso to visit, allowing them to delve deep into the beauty of both native and international contemporary and classical art. 


If you have a flair for the classical, the International Gallery is currently holding an exhibition highlighting the works of the famous Dutch painter, Rembrandt. 

  1. Federation Square: 


This plaza within the CBD, not far from the Melbourne icon of Flinders Street Station, houses a hub of cultural festivals and entertainment. 


 You'll often hear Melburnians refer to it simply as "Fed" square, and this isn't totally inaccurate. 


While it may be short for "Federation", it will feed your mind, as you can embrace many marvels including niche festivals, contemporary exhibitions and many street performers. 


The building itself is a display of modern and contemporary architectural design, and much like any art piece, is open to interpretation.


It also houses the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), a museum which holds a number of exhibits on how cinema and television have shaped our lives. 

  1. The Great Ocean Road: 


While not in the city itself, this is a must-visit if you want to envelope yourself in something that is an experience if travelling through Victoria. 


The Great Ocean Road is one of the most scenic and beautiful coastal roads and highlights some of Victoria's most gorgeous coastline and famous natural landmarks. 


From "The Twelve Apostles" (probably the most famous and most photographed set of limestone stacks ever)  to beguiling beaches and some great lookout points on a sunny day. 


But that is not all. Stretching from Torquay to Port Fairy, this road is probably one of the most humble and beautiful war memorials ever made, as it was constructed by returning ANZAC soldiers after WWI. It is also the longest in the world. 


 Lest We Forget. 


So whether you want to explore the attraction of Melbourne as a tourist or you're a local wanting to rediscover its gems, our glorious city is waiting for you. 


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