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    OPTIONS: Paul Lewis of Smallaire prepares for the spring garden festival. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

Decorations create atmosphere

Decorating gardens will be a topic of conversation at this weekend’s Horsham Spring Garden Festival, with exhibitors providing patrons plenty of options. 

Smallaire’s Paul Lewis said the business’ site would give people an idea of the range of possibilities to decorate gardens and outdoor areas.

“We will be featuring lots of different garden ornaments, including animals in different shapes and sizes,” Mr Lewis said.

“We also do signage to go against walls — whether it be an emblem, a family shield or a steel tree cut-out — to put a bit of pop in your garden or a bit of fun at the entrance.”

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He said decorating a green space often came down to personal preferences and was about finding ‘specific things for specific gardens’. 

“Especially in spring and summer, the entrance to someone’s garden or their property is something they take a lot of pride in,” Mr Lewis said.

“That’s where a lot of people would like that unique item — whether it be a letterbox, a sign at the front of their house or lettering on their front gate.

“We design things specifically for people, in different sizes, colours and shapes. 

“Your imagination is the only thing that is stopping you.”

Wimmera Aquatrail’s Adam Brockenbrow said additional elements to gardens, including sculptures and water features, listed its atmosphere. 

“They can create a focal point in a garden or even provide a sensory effect. There’s a cooling effect when you can hear water running,” he said. 

“Birdbaths also work to give local, native birds somewhere to bath and have a drink. 

“Water features are a big seller for us and we have plenty of pots as well.”

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