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EDITORIAL: A new era awaits Horsham

Prime land will soon become available in a central location of Horsham. 

After many years of discussions, news that the Horsham Rural City Council depot will relocate from Selkirk Drive to the city’s industrial estate could signal a new era for our regional city. 

It opens up more than three hectares of land connecting the Wimmera River and Horsham Botanic Gardens precincts to the fringe of the central business district. 

It is adjacant to the former saleyards site that now offers premium central living in a picturesque and convenient location – an example of a major success story for our city. 

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The move will take heavy vehicles and plant equipment away from a busy central location that also neighbours residential properties. 

And it poses an incredible opportunity for development and change. The possibilities for the future use of the land are endless and exciting. 

The long-term ‘City to River’ redevelopment from the Wimmera River to the centre of town is underway. How might these plans utilise the depot’s location for the greater good? 

What are the ideas and the desires of the community to transform this location into a use that is fit for the future of our regional city and its people? How, and what, can we learn from other cities and towns to maximise this unique consideration? 

How can we add to a fantastic lifestyle that can be enjoyed for generations to come? 

It also poses an opportunity to address the region’s ongoing conversations about liveability, attraction and retention of skilled workers, and supporting aspirations for the growth of the region, among others. 

Of course, it will take some time before we see physical changes to the site. 

Investment and developer interest, planning and engagement, and rehabilitation of the land will all contribute to the possibility thinking of the site’s future. 

But the future is now and it’s time to think big. 

What do you think? 

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