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EDITORIAL: Christmas is a time for everyone

Ah yes! In case you haven’t noticed, it’s Christmas time again – that time of the year when we are all supposed to contemplate who and what we cherish, think of ways to spread good will and celebrate life in general.

Of course we know circumstances vary dramatically, which means some people can’t, won’t, don’t or for some reason feel the timing of the occasion doesn’t work depending on individual situations.

What we do know, is that Christmas is for everyone, regardless of culture and-or faith, and notions that it might somehow be everything from awkward to offensive to some are a nonsense.

Sure, Christmas is an integral part of Christian belief, but its message is as much, if not more, about humanity and open for all to embrace.

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If we, with all due respect, put religion to the side for a moment, and consider the earthly elements of Christmas, what are we celebrating?

We’re celebrating people embracing each other, wishing each other well and promoting good will. There are some powerful big ticks there to contemplate.

If Jesus Christ was simply a brave person with a revolutionary idea that in a harsh world of brutality led to a powerful worldwide movement embracing love and giving, then Christ the man and-or his message or the message it evolved into, depending on your take on history, is good enough reason to celebrate.

Of course people spiritually following the Christian faith take the idea of Christmas to another and much more personal level and do so with our blessing. 

Christmas means different things to different people.

Here at The Weekly Advertiser we encourage everyone to embrace the season and work hard to consolidate, rekindle and even mend cherished relationships and to use the occasion to think of others.

We appeal for travellers to be vigilant in efforts to stay safe, for families to surround children, siblings and partners with love and support and regardless of how hard it might be, to take a glass-half-full approach to life and our collective futures.

Watching at times an often angry, intense and brutal world unfolding in everyday life it would easy to believe little has changed since a humble carpenter, all those years ago, promoted a different philosophy about life.

But every 12 months Christmas gives us an important reminder about an alternative approach or viewpoint.

Latest scientific findings based on genetics suggest modern humans in a natural state are designed to live for only 38 years.

We’ve manipulated this potential of life to push well beyond this figure, so let’s make the most of the opportunity.

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