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EDITORIAL: United in hard times

In times of need, the Wimmera unites.

The two bushfires in Grampians National Park last week have left communities devastated – particularly Pomonal – and it’s been tough to see those affected endure such heartbreak.

But if there is one thing the Wimmera excels in, it’s community spirit – especially pulling together in times of tragedies.

We have seen it many times over the years – whether it be fires, floods or drought – when communities are hit by natural disasters and need a hand, Wimmera people step up and assist.

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I’ve heard from those directly affected by the fire how appreciative they have been of the response by not only emergency services personnel and other organisations who united for a swift response, but to the general public who have wanted to immediately help.

Whether it be donations, offers of accommodation and to assist with housing animals or cleaning up, the region has come together to make a terrible situation that little bit easier.

First and foremost, those people who lost their homes and had their properties affected – everybody has you in their thoughts. 

And for many in the region, they have experienced a similar loss themselves in previous fires.

People in the region are no stranger to dealing with fires and the ongoing repercussions that follow afterwards, so one positive is the response to assist will come from some of the most experienced people in the field.

It’s hard to see a positive at this early stage, but the fires could have been a lot worse.

Given the catastrophic forecast and dangerous conditions that were experienced in the Grampians, so many homes, businesses and community assets were saved.

And for that, we are thankful.

To the emergency services teams that were on the fire ground and managing it from incident control centres, the region cannot say thank you enough. 

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