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    Haven's Bob McQueen
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Evening up Central Wimmera tennis competition

By Abby Walter

Central Wimmera Tennis Association has ensured its senior competition remains balanced and competitive after moving a B Special team into A Grade.

Association president Jeremy Quast said after round six the St Michaels B Special team was moved into A Grade due to its strength. 

“The move gives teams a better chance to not be beaten significantly each week and the players who have moved up a grade will also get a good hit of tennis,” he said. 

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“The team has proven to be tough in A Grade and will be looking at playing finals. It’s unusual circumstances, but by round six the teams had played each other once and it was the right decision.”

Mr Quast said in pennant competition, St Michaels and Central Park called a washout on Saturday, while Drung South experienced a good win against Horsham Lawn, which had some top players away for the round. 

“With only four teams in the competition, they will all be playing finals and when they have all their players, each team is hard to beat,” he said. 

“It will still be important to aim to finish in the top two and all will be fighting for a second chance.”

Mr Quast said it was positive to see junior players stepping up to play seniors for their clubs. 

“The junior open competition is going well – there are talented players who are pushing up to senior tennis,” he said. 

“They’re making their mark in the senior competition, too, which means the senior teams are thriving and players have to come up against new faces.”

Mr Quast said Friday’s match play competition was relocated to Haven courts last week and games were played before the storm arrived. 

“It was wet conditions for juniors on Saturday, but everything has been running smoothly,” he said. 

“We’re nearly at our Christmas break and then we’ll be back next year and closing in on finals.”

The Horsham Lawn Points Tournament scheduled for Sunday was postponed due to wet weather. 

About 90 players had registered for the day of 10-and-under, 12-and-under, 14-and-under and 15-and-older singles and doubles competitions.

The tournament has been rescheduled to December 10. 



Pennant: Central Park v St Michaels, washout; Drung South 11-93 d Horsham Lawn 1-45.

A Special: Natimuk 10-92 d Brimpaen 4-67; Kalkee 7-90 d Horsham Lawn Gillespie 7-78; Homers 5-61 drew Central Park 6-70, washout; Horsham Lawn O’Connor 7-89 d Haven 7-84.

A Grade: Central Park 9-86 d Haven 3-47; St Michaels White 9-86 d Horsham Lawn McGennisken 3-64; St Michaels Red 10-88 d Drung South 2-48. 

B Special: Central Park 16-96 d Haven 0-20; Horsham Lawn 8-73 d Natimuk 8-70.


Open: Central Park 6-36 d Haven 0-9; Brimpaen 4-31 d Homers 2-22; Horsham Lawn 3-32 d Natimuk 3-28.

Section 1 Boys: Central Park White 4-31 d Central Park Blue 2-23; Horsham Lawn 6-36 d Homers 0-9.

Section 1 Girls: Central Park 6-36 d Homers 0-17; Horsham Lawn White 3-28 d Haven 3-24.

Section 2 Boys: Homers 3-29 d Horsham Lawn Green 2-25; Horsham Lawn White 6-36 d Haven 0-16.

Section 2 Girls: Horsham Lawn White 6-36 d Central Park-Homers 0-9; Horsham Lawn Gold 4-30 d Haven 2-24; Central Park Blue 5-34 d Central Park White 1-17.

Section 3 Boys: Horsham Lawn Green 3-30 d Haven 3-26; Central Park 6-36 d Horsham Lawn Gold 0-14. 

Section 3 Girls: Horsham Lawn White 6-36 d Natimuk 0-10; Haven Orange 3-28 drew Horsham Lawn Gold 3-28.

Section 4 Boys: Horsham Lawn Red 4-30 d Horsham Lawn White 2-18; Central Park 5-34 d Horsham Lawn Gold 1-23

Section 4 Girls: Horsham Lawn White 6-36 d Homers 0-11; Central Park 6-36 d Horsham Lawn Gold 0-13.

Match Play Section 5: Horsham Lawn Gold 5-22 d Central Park 1-13; Horsham Lawn Yellow 5-21 d Haven Blue 1-16; Homers forfeited to Horsham Lawn White; Haven White 5-22 d Horsham Lawn Green 1-13.

Match Play Section 6: Horsham Lawn Red 3-19 d Horsham Lawn Orange 3-18; Haven 6-24 d Horsham Lawn Blue 0-12.

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