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LETTER: Who do you believe?

SIR, – I read Horsham mayor Mark Radford, Cr Pam Clarke and council chief executive Sunil Bhalla’s statement in the media about no plans for parallel parking in Horsham’s Central Business District.

‘No’ is a lot different to ‘no plans’. Did they not attend the traffic workshops? 

Planning staff were full-on regarding street scaping, bike trails and parallel parking – saying this is what was going to happen in Pynsent and Wilson streets, Roberts Avenue and around the corner into Firebrace Street.

Council’s project officer showed us what these streets would look like with bike trails and parallel parking. 

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There were no ifs or maybes this would happen. 

Council staff were determined this was happening and everyone at the workshops believed them.  

Crs Radford, Clarke, Mr Bhalla and staff at the workshop told us something completely different to their statement and concept drawings in council strategy reports show bike trails with parallel parking in Firebrace Street. 

Who do ratepayers believe?  

In 2009 to 2011, I was part of a group in VCAT that saved Horsham Town Hall and forced the council to protect parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the town hall. 

We did this to make sure local traders had customer parking available when functions were on in the town hall.

Parallel parking would remove two thirds of the parks from these streets. 

The removal of angle parking from these streets for whatever reason is non-negotiable.

Neville McIntyre, McKenzie Creek


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