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Time for reflection

While being a perfect time to count our blessings, the festive season is also a great time to reflect on how we can engage in our communities and make a difference. 

There are many different ways to achieve and we can all make a difference by participating in our communities, whether that means volunteering within, or joining community organisations, making charitable donations, or both. 

Centre for Participation seeks to support ‘making a difference’ because, as we’re aware, strong and vibrant communities are reliant on people participating in their communities.

Take, for example, the amazing work our emergency-service personnel do across the country – including the devastating fires burning in NSW. 

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We continue to hope that fire services are not needed in our region but are also all too aware that with the hot summer months ahead fire is a real risk, and the exhaustive work our firefighters and all emergency services personnel do is very much appreciated. 

These amazing volunteers, along with all other volunteers, have given their skills and time; time which could have been spent with their family or in paid careers, to help others simply out of the kindness of their hearts. Thank you.

So, this festive season as you are reflecting on the past year, perhaps while sharing a Christmas feast with family or friends, enjoying a game of backyard cricket, or giving thanks at church, please also take the time to reflect on how you can make a difference in your community.

Let’s start 2020 on an inclusive, proactive note and commit to helping our communities grow and thrive. 

Merry Christmas. 

• Centre for Participation will be closed from 1pm, December 20 and will re-open at 8.30am on January 6.

Julie Pettett is Centre for Participation chief executive.

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